About K. J. Joyner

I have always been telling stories, ever since I was a little girl. At first they were picture stories I’d tell to myself sitting on the floor with a pen and a brown paper bag. My first real story was written in 7th grade, and my second was planned to be an epic comic world with characters based on my friends.

I still think of that epic story from time to time, but I think I shall keep it a secret for now.

Every morning I wake up and think to myself, “Self! Today you shall be prolific!” And I am. I’m just not… prolific with my own stuff. Sigh.

The one thing I like to do that hasn’t turned into work is music. It’s a hobby that I try to find time for, but I am not always successful. You can find some mp3’s I’ve made in this blog that are free to download, and sometimes I’ll talk about what I’m up to. I’m up to a lot.

My planned and current projects in order of importance!

  • The Heavenly Bride – a romance sci-fi about a celestial dragon who, upon taking mortal form, finds he has been turned into a vampire. I try to update this at least once a week online, barring real life and page difficulty. (Some pages can be complex to make!) On rare occasion these pages can be NSFW.
  • 10 Confessions & A Kiss – A romantic comedy about a young woman, Zoe, who is cursed to find her true love or she dies. I don’t get to work on this one very much, to my frustration.
  • The Demonkeeper’s DaughterA displaced magician’s daughter must bind and seal her father’s personal demon or lose her birthright forever. I am putting it on Wattpad for you to read as I write. I encourage you to please follow and vote for it; give me a reason to keep going.
  • Red Rozie – I’m actually writing this under a pen name, Keenum Spear. It’s a children’s story about a little girl who hates to read.

Future projects (to be begun when another finishes)!

  • Akashik (comic) – comedy sister comic to The Heavenly Bride. Taus is an AWOL soldier who wants nothing more than to be left alone. It’s too bad her former masters have other plans. You can visit the website to see latest character designs as I take a rare moment to prepare for relaunch.
  • Greylegs (comic) – this is one of my top priority stories. Based on the fairytale of Greylegs I’m in the research phases.
  • Viketa (comic) – The name will be changed, omg. It’s what I named it when I was like five years old. Viketa was raised by her deer clan mother in a small village along the shore. One day her father, whom she has never met, kidnaps her to go a-viking. I plan this to be an anthro comic.
  • Trait of Honor (prose) – I’ve actually been working on this novel off and on for years. It’s halfway written. But I’m stuck and research must come into play. Domino is one of the Demon Folk. Her father created her using the most exotic DNA template he could find. He even engineered her to have wings. She is captured by Norms while visiting the lower planet and sold into slavery. This pushes her into a journey that will not only reveal where she comes from, but change how she sees life forever.
  • Avenia (comic) – My first webcomic, I had to take it down due to financial hardships and I want to go back to it! A sci-fi set in the world Akashik, Avenia is a street rat and petty cat burglar contracted to infiltrate an ambassadorial ball and make an exchange. The ball turns out to be the wrong place at the wrong time. Accused of murder, she’s on the run!
  • Hollywood Heroes (comic) – A comedy about being sorta fat, middle-aged and a single mom… and how that can give you super powers in more ways than one.
  • Blue Moon (comic) – A little mermaid takes a human lover. When she gets pregnant, she leaves him to return to her people. This is the story of her journey… and his. This entire story will be told with no dialogue if I can do it.
  • Swan (comic) – Fionnhualla was the elf king’s daughter. She and her brothers were turned into swans by their jealous stepmother. Can she break the curse or will they remains swans forever? This is based on not just the Celtic version of the tale, but the Russian version and any others I can find.