Elfquest: A Bird in a Bush
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If I were a less sickly artist, or at least a better artist, I'd redo this glorified thumbnail and make it pretty like I do for Heavenly Bride.

BUT I'm not. So I won't.

Uploaded by Spearcarrier at 20:34 on 13 March



Gravatar Posted 05:21
Thu 28 October
by Spearcarrier

I've actually been finding time to create pages despite a busy schedule. This is because my "real" job (that I have to supplement the unstable world of art) lightened my work load by... a little too much... but I'm not complaining just yet.

Well, also doing the characters in my own style instead of that harder to do style from yesteryear speeds things up quite a bit. I'm able to get a page done in a few hours now instead of all day. I rather enjoy that.

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