An interesting trend…

I’ve noticed people having character interviews on their blogs, and I kind of like that idea! What a great way to get the creative juices flowing through the new year. Although I’m not sure there are any people really reading this blog, I wonder what you think.

I’m not sure the method other people take for their character interviews, so I thought that if I do have any readers out there I could put up a post once a month asking people to suggest which of my characters they would like to interview and what questions they would like to have answered. The character with the most votes gets it. Then my character would “answer” in a following post.

Twelve months: twelve characters. Maybe twelve questions to each?

So I’d like this post to be the start for my unusual new year’s resolution: 12 months, 12 characters, ask ’em just about anything!

I suppose I could have made the usual “lose weight” resolution or what have you, but yeah. I gave up on THAT one years ago. LOLZ.

Trait of Honor Excerpt 7

Educated Norms: Kagakusha’s chief pet peeve. There were rules for Norms like him. Kagakusha had never pegged the Mark for knowing more than the recipe for his favorite desert, and the fat man surprised him. Brohjard had him and he knew it. His smug face seemed to bloat like a child’s balloon over his doughy shoulders. Kagakusha decided this meeting was over. He stood and took a step to the door. His hand slid into his pocket.

“Think about it before you leave,” Brohjard said. “It’s better for both our nations if we join up.”

“There’s nothing to think about,” Kagakusha said with an uplifted eyebrow as his hand withdrew from the pocket. He aimed his tiny pulse gun just as Brohjard stood in alarm, conveniently leaving himself better exposed.