Winter Melody

For today’s webcomic review/plug, I’m going to turn to a little something that actually was mentioned in the Apocalypse forum. I’m talking about Winter Melody.

Funny thing about it: I’ve actually come across this one before and was totally enchanted by the art style and what was happening at the time. I’d lost contact with it, so I suppose it was only fate that I should have it handed to me on a virtual platter.

If you’re the kind of reader who enjoys watching a webcomic artist’s style grow through the pages, this is one to do that. But what’s really nice is the artwork is pretty from the start, so you don’t have to hurt your eyes the way you do if you go backwards with Akashik. =^-^= The first time I came across it, I fell in love with a little harpy-like creature who was having a misadventure of her own. She spoke no words, but communicated in volumes. That takes skill in a comic!

Stop and check it out if you haven’t already:

And in Apocalypse News: As of this is posting, I am either boarding a plane or have already arrived at my December destination. I intend to take a lot of pictures, and to enjoy what might be my only time going somewhere “exotic”. (read: outside of my limited experience) It’s one helluva birthday present, and it’s going to be nice to see War again after all this time.  I’m nervous and excited. And we’ll see if I make it back alive, because at least one soldier is involved.

I thought about killing myself to get more artwork done in time so things would continue during my absence, but Charlie remains dead.  (He’s alive! He’s alive!) New parts were donated by a wonderful Pup, and… Charlie refuses fought like hell to keep from being resurrected. For a while there I was seriously at a point where I never wanted to see another computer again and working in fast food would be just fine with me.

Although I am able to continue moving ahead, my time schedule has been severely crunched even smaller than it was. More webcomic things are subsequently being shaved from my life. One of them is the planned rush to get Chapter 8 on the sale board and Book 2 arranged in the same way. I don’t get the help with these things that I used to, and I’m busy busy.  Anyway, the response to collecting these things was 0 on a ratio of 1 to 10. I don’t like the link cluttering the website for nothing, so the offer has now gone away.

And that’s it for now. I’m off to handle things. And pray I have a good holiday season. May yours be good as well.