Page of Cups… feedback!

I love feedback on my work, especially when its positive feedback. And so far I’ve been told by numerous people that the Page of Cups is funny while informative. “I couldn’t stop laughing,” said one person. “I stayed up all night reading it,” said another. It’s almost like getting those sort of reviews from big time critiques… except I’m sure these are real.

That was a difficult balance to create, so I’m glad that it was achieved. Not all credit for the humor goes to me, of course. Pestilence, he who first wrote the book, is just as much to blame.

If you’ve also read the Page of Cups, we’d love to hear what you thought of it.  We’d also be tickled all sorts of rainbow colors if you were to leave us a good review at where you got it from. =^-^=

It’s ISBN, through Smashwords, is: ISBN: 9781476369754