Everything I’ve seen from the Ghost Whisperer condensed in a few sentences.

Saw two episodes a long time ago and thought, “Neat!” So with Netflicks I decided I was gonna watch this awesome show about ghosts, talking to ghosts, and everything I can relate to. Woo hoo.

Here is my rundown.

Oh woe as me I had such a sucky childhood no body understands meeeeeee waaaaaaah I’m so pitiful while being drop dead gorgeous with a mysteriously super successful shop in what’s supposed to be a small town that has so many people in and around it that New York City looks miniscule! My husband is a super model and we’re madly in luuuuuv, and we’re going to smear that in everyone’s face constantly every. Single. episode, especially the ones with dangling ends! Lookit my sappy sad mushy eyes while I magically get every single person in the world to believe me in five sentences or less! It’s ten minutes before the end of the show and now it’s time for me to cry! OH, lookit! Carnies that can afford brand-new trucks! Grieving parents that don’t aim guns and fire at me for opening old wounds! And all ghosts are poltergeists – not that I can tell the difference between what is or is not one!!!!! Waaaah everybody is sad because everybody is DEAD, especially the little children, and everybody has the exact. Same. Thing. to say to their grieving loved ones before they cross over – “they can hear you.” THEY CAN HEAR YOU! DO YOU HEAR ME!? I SAID IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH SEASON ONE BUT I’LL SAY IT AGAIN WHILE I BAWL MY PATHETIC WIMPY EYES OUT!

Conclusion: story development, too slow. Sappy factor way too fucking high. Believability: 0%. I got to the carnie episode and totally abandoned this show. Season One. Writers, creators, whomever: learn from this stinking show. OMG the suck.