The Little Details

The past 24 hours have been ones of slight disappointment. Traditionally, December is one of major disappointments. We’re talking nonstop ache and bad luck. The stuff of legend. But this year seems to be on the light side, and I suspect it’s because I have finally gotten a little bit better at telling bad juju people to get the fuck out of my life. There was that long-time “friend” I dumped a few months back. There was a piss-poor business associate I dumped 2 days ago. And just yesterday I quietly unfriended another so-called friend who also happened to be a source of much drahma several years ago.

And it’s funny, but your life feels scrubbed clean and chrome shiny when you do things like that. As if… you’re telling destiny to suck your thumb or something.

The IRS problems we’re having are a big disappointment, but again. It’s not as bad as usual. (At least, not yet.) On the other hand, it looks for all intents and purposes that I didn’t get into OMGcon this coming year. I also don’t seem to have gotten on the waiting list, either. Which slightly hurts my feelings, but I review what happened last year and maybe they just think I’m a risk. After all I was at this con, abandoned by my sick husband and the piss-poor business partner, to run a table by myself. I quickly became exhausted (and cranky). Through it all I was worried my husband had cancer (at the time), but somehow managed to keep my grace when one of the other vendors made it a point to strike up conversations with the girl at the table next to me and pretend I wasn’t standing there as part of the original conversation. (No, really. I went back to my table wondering if her brain only had 1 gig of RAM – my exact thought. Did she only have 1 gig of RAM… or less?) So that by the time the usual sour table hopper came by, I was too tired not to at least grumble about his attitude. And I had to (gasp) leave my table alone to go to the bathroom or get a drink because I had no one with me. I can dig it. Even if my art was the best in the world, and despite the fact that people from the first OMGcons remembered me and were thrilled to see me (and asked what I was going to have next year), there’s this thing. And in this day and age, it’s a crime to be human. (Note: not blaming OMGcon at all. I’m theorizing on the social political environment.)

So no OMGcon. Fine. Eh. Whatever. I’ll try to find another. I am indeed booked for a convention in Peoria in January and Evillecon in the spring. They both look like they’re going to be a blast, so my feelings aren’t that hurt. I need to put up a coming appearances widget somewhere around here, don’t I.

Nah. My feelings are hurt because a week or so ago I wrote a letter to a certain voice actor I’d met who is doing a Star Trek revival show. It’s all the rage right now, to do these Star Trek Original Series revival shows. There’s more than one. At the time he’d asked me for my opinion as his pilot had come out. But when I saw the pilot, I couldn’t bear to hurt his feelings so I never said what I thought.

But upon revisiting his show recently I realized he’d come a long way, and the show is really shaping up. I wanted to contact him anyway, because it occurred to me he’d like to know about certain Star Trek songs by one awesome folk singer, Leslie Fish. So I sat down, and after about 2 hours I had written this long-winded letter explaining why he hadn’t heard from me in all this time. It was a bit poetic, I know.. and took a long time to get to my point. Sometimes I just talk like that.

To be fair, when I write a long-winded, part of my time is spent editing and condensing. I do try to not talk to much.

So here is the letter… and yes, I have my reasons to put it here:

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