L’épouse Céleste

With readership in Heavenly Bride picking up and me wanting to find more time to fit one of my hobbies into my life – studying French – it occurred to me that if I translated Heavenly Bride into French that might merge 1. me working on HB and 2. me getting to study French.  But I don’t speak French well enough to consider translating anything. What do I do now?

Hire a translator, of course.

So page for page as I go here and there, Heavenly Bride will become available in French.  If you’re curious, the website for it will be here: http://www.theheavenlybride.com/french/

Now to find time to do things with it. Paying for the translation will have to be an “as I go thing” – depending on Heavenly Bride to pay for Heavenly Bride. At anywere from $8 to $25 a page that’s not going to be very swift. But at least it’s going to be done.

I also would like to see my comics in Mandarin and Spanish.  =^-^= But I’m happy to start with French.

Bridal Confessions

No, I’m not getting married again. It’s just that it’s time to do another update in the world that is my comics – 10 Confessions & Heavenly Bride.

While things are at an all-time lull, I made some time to work on 10 Confessions. First, I checked the price of Manga Studio EX to see if it was on sale again. To my delight it was on sale from its normal $300 at $100: still expensive, but I had just enough to finally buy my own copy for 10 Confessions use. Soon, soon it shall arrive. SOON. Mwahahaha.

Second, I needed to up my artistic process a bit more. 10 Confessions’ art isn’t near at detailed as Heavenly Bride’s, but it still could use some improvement. One of my processes, using 3D models to figure out poses, seemed a good way to do it. So I took some time on my only day off. Zoe, Alexi and Lala are now 3D models. Here are Zoe and Lala!

I never rendered Alexi. Sorry about that! And these aren’t very good renders, I know – but these guys are so I can improve the drawn art for 10 Confessions. I’m not really interested in doing a 3D comic at this time.

Heavenly Bride’s first book finally has finished, in case you haven’t noticed, and I’ve sent it to the printer. I’m waiting for my preview copy now. In the meantime, I started another Kickstarter campaign that will probably fail. You can see the widgit for it on the Heavenly Bride website.

And in mundane news, my dog almost died from parvo last week. But he’s a stubborn little sucker and that’s all I have to say about that for now!