AMVs anybody?

bunnyI’ve been busy handling things that aren’t paying job items today. Fun fun! For example, one of the cats brought home a week old bunny last night. I spent a good portion of the day getting him to a shelter willing to fight for his life. Then I did some gardening, to my housemate’s dismay being as this means I forced her to participate. And then I came inside because I have a date with my husband, if we can swing the finances, to see Maleficent sort of together. Sort of in that he’s still stuck in Louisiana so we’re just gonna see the movie at the same time and call each other later. We hope. We may have to postpone that one.

So sitting here trying to detox and get my energy back, my mind naturally turns to two music video projects I’ve been planning for a couple of years now. Both have been on hold because I simply couldn’t find any footage for them. (Talk about frustrating.) But I may have found an answer. So I sit, and I poke at things, and naturally my mind turns to anime music videos – which I used to do and even won awards for. And man do I wish I had time to do them again.

I should like to do another amv because I find them a bit of a challenge. And they’re excellent marketing for the parts involved. Some of the best animes I’ve bought or paid money to see were discovered by amv. A large collection of my music was discovered and paid for because of amv. Hell, I’d love it if someone would use my stuff like that. Just give me credit! Cuz free marketing. I’m down with that.

So I think I’ll post my pathetic four starting with the first I ever did that one first place in the contest I submitted it for. It was made before Code Geass became legal in the states. The musicians originally had it knocked down off the web, but as the popularity for the song waned they elected to put it up again arbitrarily with a lead going back to their website and where to buy the song. (That was surprising.) But you know, this video has gotten a lot of recognition so yeah. At last someone recognizes the merit of word of mouth.

I’m just proud of it because I didn’t have a video card. So I literally made it computer blind. I’d count the beats on the song meter, count the measurements of the footage, and place. Tweak, render, count. Count, count, place.