Neat Find. Poor Thing.

I got a kit from to make some cards for my trading card game to send off and to have at the rare convention I attend. The disappointment in the very poor quality of their expensive product got me doing some research, and I came across the Card Game Forge.

It’s a place with a forum and ways to post your independent card game so that other members can download it, print it, and test it for you. It has a way to add your game to the database (and take it down, so don’t worry). It’s a pretty neat little site. ┬áThe problem? It’s largely dead. There’s next to no activity there.
Oh, I added my game anyway don’t get me wrong. As I’ve said before, my game is more so I can have art cards to pass out at conventions so I’m not eager to push it becoming the next big thing. (There’s no way I could keep up with something like that. It would have to become so big I could hire.) But it would be nice if I had it tested. I think there’s some kinks in the dueling part of the rules – my instincts tell me this has the possibility to become a mess and needs to be worked out with, well, work.
Anyway, if you have an indie card game you want tested and don’t have a lot of people near you like I do try the Card Game Forge. Can’t guarantee anyone will use it, but it seems to me that if gamers looking for free games as well as developers with their games came to this place it could be a community with some excellent synergy. – the Game Forge link. Woo hooo!


I really got to stop telling myself, before I go to bed, that I’ll spend the day working on such and such a project, or such and such a comic. What happened to me yesterday? I woke up sick, that’s what, and spent the day working on sleep and making a headache go away. Oy vey.

There has been absolutely no interest in the trading card game… which I’m not surprised by, incidentally. I’ll just let it go and get some made here and there, as I was doing with Akashik, to handle at conventions. I don’t go to conventions much anymore, but then again I don’t have the money to have cards made much either. So it’ll work out one way or another.

I really don’t have much else of an update. =^-^=