Master of Style

I’m feeling rather excited today. I’ve been planning a side story to put in the next Heavenly Bride chapter book and really wanted to use 3D technology – not because I’m lazy, because I can tell you that using 3D is just as hard if not harder as drawing by hand. I just saw some real possibilities with it, ones that people who use 3D don’t usually take. With new manga shaders coming out for Daz3D, which I use, and other things the windows were wide open. Except I can’t afford to get the shaders, so started to experiment to see if I could do things without the shaders.

The answer is yes, to some extent, I can. If I want their look I could still buy the shaders, but right now I just don’t feel like I have to. I have discovered a look all of my own, one that I’m going to use for this side story. And for Avenia – I’m really excited over that one.

The side story isn’t meant to be very serious, and this is a serious looking style. But I think it won’t hurt matters.

Gosh I need to win the lottery so I can concentrate on comic books alone. LOL

I reopened the Fan Pup forum, attaching it to Heavenly Bride. It’s a members only forum. It will post the next page of Heavenly Bride in advance, have sneak previews, some sexy nekkid stuff, and hopefully will encourage pups to talk to me a bit. Yeah, it’s a membership situation. I haven’t finished arguing with the membership software yet, but if you’re curious it’s at: