Trait of Honor Excerpt 8

“Take a good look,” the angel said. “Norms aren’t supposed to see any of this. You could be killed for less.”

“So why aren’t you killing me right now?”

“I couldn’t care less anymore what you see,” she replied. “So you’re seeing the inside of a personal air craft. What’s the big deal? After we get away, I might even teach you to drive it if you like.  Watch yourself.” She turned, hitting a button, and the ramp closed with a sleek motion.

He felt the ground fall away as the craft lifted into the air. His stomach sank to his knees and his skin turned green.  There was another chair next to hers. He sank into it stiffly, trying not to look as sick as he felt. Her eyes glanced over him in a dismissive manner; her entire focus was in guiding the strange craft through the sky.

“I’m afraid I’m not a very good driver,” she murmured apologetically. “I don’t get that much practice.”

Trait of Honor Excerpt 7

Educated Norms: Kagakusha’s chief pet peeve. There were rules for Norms like him. Kagakusha had never pegged the Mark for knowing more than the recipe for his favorite desert, and the fat man surprised him. Brohjard had him and he knew it. His smug face seemed to bloat like a child’s balloon over his doughy shoulders. Kagakusha decided this meeting was over. He stood and took a step to the door. His hand slid into his pocket.

“Think about it before you leave,” Brohjard said. “It’s better for both our nations if we join up.”

“There’s nothing to think about,” Kagakusha said with an uplifted eyebrow as his hand withdrew from the pocket. He aimed his tiny pulse gun just as Brohjard stood in alarm, conveniently leaving himself better exposed.