Update on the Zoe Charm

Okay this will hopefully be the last time I talk bout the Zoe charm… but I have a final update even though the Kickstarter campaign was a bust.

As you probably know, I had made about 9 of these charms myself using an oven and borrowed work time for the sake of Chapter 2. These charms, which are for Chapter 1, are the starter editions and it just didn’t feel right to carry on to Chapter 2 knowing I was going to plan a charm per chapter without having chapter 1’s made at least a little bit. And I realized how neat they would be with something special. Since 10 Confessions is a romance, I decided that each charm should have their own little heart charm. Zoe’s got the last of my glass-possibly-Austria-crystal heart charms. I had *exactly* enough to cute them up with. See?

I kept one for myself (of course) and have already sent one to her new home. The rest are in a happy box waiting for people to love them. You can find them here if you like: http://apocalypsewriters.com/ooakleaf/2012/09/12/zoe-charm/

The bookmarks I made for chapter 1 are here… I won’t be making any more of those. I’m serious when I say something is limited edition. If you want a 10 Confessions chapter 1 bookmark, you’re welcome to contact me privately and make an offer. And thus Chapter 1 has some things made in preparation for the birth of Chapter 2.

As for the “ash-cans”, it’s beyond my scope right now to have any made so I’m not going to. I guess each chapter just won’t have ash-cans – although I do still intend to do the “graphic novels” every so many chapters. I’ll have to get creative on what to give next chapter.

If you’re curious about 10 Confessions, it can be found just about everywhere Smashwords distributes to as well as Amazon.com. Or you can simply go here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/23596

New Chibi Charm

The campaign to raise funds for the next chapter of 10 Confessions & a Kiss on Kickstarter has 20 days to go. No new backers. The campaign on Indiegogo has… I think 25 to go. No backers at all.

Just in case people show interest in supporting this project at the last minute, I sat down today to finish designing one of the support incentives: the acrylic charm. Apocalypse readers know I love these charms and would use any excuse to have one made. =^-^= In this case, there is only one charm per chapter and they all will be limited.

If you’re curious about this first one – and I know you are, here is the sketch:

I was originally going to have her with a football but it occurred to me it was more adorable to have her hanging by her bracelet off of wherever you happen to put her.

I have to return to paying work for now, but when I get another chance I’ll be finishing this up and testing it by making some charms here. If it works out then we have our final charm design.

Find the 10 Confessions website here: http://www.10confessions.com

It has the beginnings of a character list and links to the two campaign websites.