Keep Calm and Twinkle On

Merry Christmas! We made it to another year. Woo hoo and junk! I hope your Christmas Day was bright and happy. I have to work on mine, but I’m working and a lot of people aren’t so there is that. I got my husband a bag full of popcorn for Christmas and he got me a couple of mermaid MtG cards. No our house wasn’t filled with material goods, but it wasn’t filled with drama either so we’re good.

Many many moons ago I met one of the voice actresses from Gem and the Holograms at a convention. This happened when Akashik was just getting started and I mistakingly thought promoting it would bring me copious amounts of readers in this tits and cape area. Ha ha! But anyway, I can’t remember if it was Britta Phillips I met, or if it was Samantha Newark. I think it was Britta Phillips, because she didn’t have a noticeable English accent… but I can’t remember.

She and I ended up communicating a bit after the con by email, and let me tell you. I thought she was the bee’s knees. She was intelligent and really knew how to hold a conversation. She didn’t live very far from me, and this is where I went wrong I guess. I mistakenly thought it was still the 1970’s or I was still Down South or something and began to offer her my help in my “will help my friends do anything” kind of way. I had a professional video camera at the time, and I could tell she didn’t have much money. I just knew, though, that all she had to do was get herself a Youtube channel going and put up a few videos. I was more than willing to help her do it, and considering the few times I entered amv music video competitions I had won nothing less than 3rd place, I figured she couldn’t go wrong with me making her free music videos.

So I pestered her about it. What was my angle? I wanted to make an amv using Gem & the Holograms, which had just been released on DVD that month. That’s all I wanted, was permission to use one of her songs. I was going to make my amv, have something with permission I could enter into a contest, and she was going to get free pr and a music video to boot.

She wrote me this gentle email explaining that she was broke and that she couldn’t afford my services.

I was more surprised than insulted. And, as always when I hit this cultural divide, I was confused that people can’t accept a gift for what it is and always have to put something as paltry as monetary value on a gesture from the heart. And… why is it that when someone offers you something for free you can’t take it anymore? That’s so rude.

I waited a few hours before responding to her. I shouldn’t have, because that afternoon my computer went boom and took everything with it that time. I lost her contact information so could never respond. To this day it probably looks like I cut contact on purpose. I’ve often thought of stalking her down and emailing her to say not so and apologize, but I’ve been given the impression that I wouldn’t be heard.

Anyway, I’m thinking of that today because I took a few minutes before starting today’s buckets of workload to watch Netflix a moment. I’d been putting off seeing the latest My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic movie because of the plotline but today I figured what the hell. I started it up. And after a few minutes, when my husband sat down to join me, I stopped it because he’s not even very far into Season 1. I couldn’t do that to him.

So here are my belated impressions on the movie so far:

  • 1. Ugh. Pop music competitions. I hate that trope.
  • 2. The animation has really improved. I want the 3D animation software they’re using. And yes, I could tell. But it looked great and I want it.
  • 3. While I’m at it, I want their computers to run it cuz I’m sure mine isn’t powerful enough.
  • 4. And the passwords to get into the system, please.
  • 5. Gem and the Holograms.
  • 6. Yes, that’s right. The opening was a very spiffy revision of Gem and the Holograms right down to the star over one eye. WHICH btw could be slanted as an Illuminati thing. OR could be a nod to KISS. But either way, I felt like it was a very super colored pony version of Gem and the Holograms. The bad guys, introduced before things even started, even reminded me of the Misfits.
  • 7. ….
  • 8. Yeah, I got nothing else.
  • Okay maybe something else:


Lmy-little-pony-equestria-girls-rainbow-rocks-large-1[1]et me see. To the left is a group shot of Gem and the Holograms. So far I see Twilight Sparkle’s hair cut… Pinkie Pie’s hair cut… I can’t remember the show enough but with the cookie cutter way the corporate run media does things, I’m willing to bet we have our personality tropes in place as well. The same ones as our little Equestia Girl group shot to the right. Yes, Virginia, you can see a resemblance.


But that’s neither here nor there. I’m just amused. And…. going to work now. Ciao!