I know I disappeared again…

Well, life has a way of doing that. I just sat down to listen to the Loki Song again and am all “crap I need to add this” so the song is about to transform again. ┬áIf I can find the time.

I haven’t heard back from Portal on the filk. Guess I never will. So once again I need to find someone to play with or to somehow make a million dollars so I can buy a halfway decent drum. After 30 years of always trying to find someone to play with, I’m of the mind I’d have a greater chance making a million dollars.

But I’d like to get that one under way very much. My friend is about to be shipped to Korea and I’d like to see it done.

Videos are on my mind. Trying to find a way to create a makeshift green screen for the Loki Song – and to find footage because I’d promised the Bedlam Bards something months ago.

Loki’s Song

I’ve been working on this one for a long time. I don’t have a proper drum, and I had a “roots” sound in mind for it. I ended up going to fiverr.com and hiring someone to create a drum beat for me that I could use. He made several, actually, and I’ll most likely be using them in other stuff.

This is Loki’s Song, originally composed by Mikal the Ram of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Mikal is no longer with us, sadly – and this I found out when trying to find him to gain permission to use this song. This song is not for sale and will never be for sale, although I do encourage folks to download and share to keep Mikal’s awesome talent and memory alive. Always attribute the root of this song to Mikal the Ram.

I may redo the vocals for this one the same way I redid them when I finally got the video for Wuthering Heights together. But again, I’m not wanting to lose the folklore “Native American” sound I have ended up putting into it so the flat notes may stay. It depends on how I feel. Truth is I feel it’s a little incomplete, but when it comes to finding loops you never can find the simple beats I was looking for. Everyone always wants to show off and do fancy stuff. Oh well.

Loki’s Song