What Does the Wôks Say

Crossposted from our shop, Wôks Print.

Currently it says… welcome to our first post here at Wôks Print!

I know I know, we’ve had this website a while over at The Apocalypse Writers… but to be fair we’re only just learning how to handle such interesting things as letting you, our readers, know that we appreciate you. Sure we say it all of the time on Youtube and in various tweets, but here is where it counts. So high five to our first attempt at the occasional newsletter – and by occasional we acknowledge freely that this may not happen very often.

So onward to the news!

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve had a few new products added to expand our already awesome (if scant) content. Posters would be one of them. Apocalypse Writers founder, K. J. Joyner, has made sure a selection of her art prints are available for her collectors – yes, she remembers all of you. Her art style tends to range from one to another, so the choices vary. However you won’t miss her personal flair if you’re familiar with it.

Each poster collection is divided by theme; Fantastic Women, Dragons, Mermaids, and of course her popular Bite Me set. Normally you would only see these images at conventions or, rarely, Etsy but K. J. felt it was time to really begin helping The Apocalypse Writers flesh out.

If you’re an owner of one of her prints, be sure and let us know! Take a picture of yourself with your poster – maybe we can start a reader gallery.

Leslie Fish, prolific folk and filk musician, has re-released her novel, Of Elven Blood, through us and we love it! We have been very excited with the release of this book, as we feel it’s one of the best we have to offer. Leslie is definitely a real wordsmith.

A fantasy romance, we can best describe the story as: A union newspaper editor witnesses a murder and while on the run discovers she’s not human. From there the dangerous element already existent in her life grows while she is forced to fake her own inner demons. If you’re a fan of adult fantasy romance, we encourage you check it out.

And finally, when it comes to coming products we will be introducing what K. J. fondly calls “Books Onna Stick”. There are a lot of ‘retro’ things K. J. does in the working operations of The Writers of the Apocalypse from hand-drawing and tracing the next page of The Heavenly Bride to offering digital books on CD. Books Onna Stick(tm) are yet another retro item, even though the concept isn’t that old.

What are they? Why, they’re digital books on flash drives of course! You can plug them into your computer, or if you have an adapter you can plug them into your cell phone. K. J. has been working hard on this new addition, searching for just the right kind of flash drive. Not any kind would do. She finally settled on the credit card shaped model for quality and a more polished appearance. Each ‘Book Onna Stick’ is made in house, so the right materials have to be chosen carefully.

So keep an eye on the shop, as they will start appearing in the next couple of months along with reprints of various historical tomes and more posters. Of course more posters!

If you are a proud owner of one of our books, we encourage you to please come back and leave some feedback. Did you like it, hate it, wish there were more? We’re all eyes, and we would sincerely love to know.

Until next time!

Cover Reveals and Other Such Newses

Before I sit down to work on another comic page (yep, that’s right. I’ve got the world straight again… for who knows how long.), I wanted to share two items that have landed in the new publishing house store, Wôks Print.

Let’s start with the new rising star of the Writers of the Apocalypse: Leslie Fish. If you don’t know who she is, then shame on you. Shame. On. You. (aghast gasp of gaspiness) I mean, duuUuuuh, she’s only the most famous folk music filker since, like… EVER. I was listening to this woman’s music before I knew her name, and I had no idea I liked her style. I’m not normally a fan of anyone (although Stephen Amell has my attention right now, and not because of his abs), but if I had to choose someone to admire by bullet I’d probably pick her. Her music is great. And best part, she writes.  She writes and she wanted us to publish her.

How’s that for an Apocalyptic start, eh? I always knew everyone around me was destined for greatness.

So the first thing to go up in her name is a short story she had put out before, ‘Revocare’. I had bought it a few years ago, and I enjoyed it. (And if you know me, I rarely enjoy anything for longer than a few minutes.) Being able to put it out has been a thrill. I don’t care what the other publishers say about avoiding previously published work. ‘Revocare’ is here to stay. Which means it got a new cover. (See? Over there!)

It’s so fiery and hot and using fire and red and orange and fiery.

If you haven’t read ‘Revocare’, now is your chance.

After I got ‘Revocare’ cared for =^-^=, I turned my attention to another one of my own projects, It’s Never Romantic to Wash the Dishes. Now I dislike redoing my old stuff because of all the authors I’ve redone covers for that can’t seem to move on enough to write new stuff. I don’t want to get into that kind of a rut. So when I redid Dishes, I added a new story to it.

The story is entitled, ‘For Fear of Breaking Hearts’, and it’s a true story about bees. If you get it, and you read it, I ask you to tell me what you thought.

See the new cover? See? See? See? I drew it myself. Hurk.

Speaking of bees, when it comes to revamping things I only have one project left… and that would be The Page of Cups. There’s not much I can do with that book, but I am combing it to make sure it’s clear and makes sense. Both it and Dishes will be set up for international distribution to such places as Barnes and Noble for the first time ever. Spiffy.

If you don’t know I’ve been working on turning ‘Only the Innocent’ into an audiobook, you do now. As I mentioned, the sample the voice actor gave me sent me into excited waves of crazy. I have decided to hold a small Fundraiser to bring more funds to the audiobook project. I want to give the voice actor a bonus! If you’re interested, you can go to Kickstarter and look for Only the Innocent – or you can ask me for the link here.

I think that’s about it for news at this time. So I’m gonna go… draw pictures and watch this new K-drama I found last night. Spiffy.