Believable weapons

So here I am on a Sunday, the day I’m trying to designate as my day to work on Trait of Honor. While watching the scene unfold in my head I come to a small conundrum. What kind of gun should my leading man have?

Trait of Honor (working title) is a science fiction so it could have weapons of almost any kind. But I can’t just thrust a laser pistol in Juvinich’s hands and call it a day. No no, this is a job for continuity.

Futuristic or primitive?

I chose primitive, but not too primitive.

My reasoning: one half of the social factor in this book are very technologically advanced. They’re the ones that would have the super pulse pistols. Juvinich, by contrast, comes from the other half; the grovelling superstitious peasantry. And that peasantry are grovelling and superstitious because they’re not very educated. They have some technology, but nothing to compare.
Primitive it is.

I almost gave him a powder rifle… ha ha… no.

“Write what you know” – an important bit of advice as well as the title of something I hope to work on very soon.

I don’t know powder rifles that well.

But I do, sort of, know how to load shotgun shells.

Shells it is.

And that is how the military might of Juvinich’s people was born.