RBT Game Mini-playbook

After such a long time of not being able to be productive, it sure does feel weird to finish another project. Which I just did today.

Enter the Random Battle Tabletop Game, which I just finished today after months and months of writing. I didn’t do it alone, of course: The other half threw in ideas from time to time and wrote a paragraph or three. But I’m proud to say I did most of the work, and for the first time in ages I completed that work. Feels good!

The RBT Game is meant to be a battle game companion to Akashik and the other stories associated with that universe. I wanted a fighting game option so that when a battle is coming up in the story, I can roleplay it out with hopefully hilarious effects. That’s why this game was born.

I decided to share it with people for, well, pretty much free. So you can visit the Akashik website (www.akashikonline.com) to see the rules online. Or you can go here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/295772/The-Random-Battle-Tabletop-Game to download it either free or with an optional purchase.

I hope you enjoy the game!

Gaming News! Read it here and stuff!

The person I’d hired to help program the visual novel has been busy. Tonight I got to see the opening scene in the works, and I’m so stoked I can’t concentrate on commissions. I should, I really should. There are some flats I’ve got to work more on, which means I can’t go to bed just yet, but before I bog back down in the world of work I thought I’d post a couple of early screenshots.

The character artwork and overall look will probably be polished a bit. I’m thinking of adding a certain “sketchy” flair to it. But for now… Enjoy!!!