Business Ventures Born of Business Happenings

logoOver on my ebook cover side of life – the part that pays my bills but doesn’t quite keep the bill collectors at bay – I had expanded from just myself to myself and my daughter. Then I expanded to myself, my daughter, and Conquest, who decided she wanted to earn a little extra money too.  And then we were approached by a friend of a friend who wanted to “intern” with us to start her own ebook cover enterprise. And I realized I had the makings of a real group going on, and my premade section was a mess from all the premade covers and different Paypal addresses. I had accidentally started a real premade cover store.

When I got an invitation from a random stranger to join their own premade cover store, I thought, “Wait a darn minute. I was here first.”

Well of course I wasn’t here first. I’m sure other people were out there doing the same thing… but it would have been silly of me not to polish this growing bit of my business up and give it a name of its own. And that’s how was born.

It’s brand-spanking new. I only just started to advertise it yesterday. But it’s purty, dang it. It’s purty, it has potential, now I just have to get folks to spread the word.

It runs like… sort of. I mean people don’t have individual shops. Customers browse through the ebook covers and that’s it. But it’s a venue area like etsy – which is reflected in the legalese I painstaking researched and put on the site. (LOL) It’s free to use, unlike etsy. I just take a small commission off of sales, to pay for the website. Good websites ain’t free. It has a classifieds section. And I’m to think of what else I can add later.

Now how to get authors to take note of it and use it? That’s the hard one. Of course I’m going to direct my clientele to it. I’d be a fool not to, and it’s what I was doing with the old shop anyway. 🙂

I have hopes for it. I have hopes that it will grow and get a lot of people with it. That it will blossom. And that it will enable me to… back off on cover work so I can write on my comics more!!!!!


Over and out.