I murderously ended my webcomic.

Yes. I am a murderer – but a murderer in the evil stepmother sense. For I have taken my webcomic, Akashik, to the kennel today and put her down using the poisoned apple of “I quit but not really”. I can’t say it was very merciful, for I certainly have been suffering under its weight for the past several years in a not-so-merciful kind of way. I can say it was quick. It’s only vocal reader emailed me shortly thereafter and said it was a shock, but they understood.

I have my reasons why I did it. Most of it has to do with time. And health. All of it has to do with why so many webcomics die before their time: money, jobs, the future. The past. You name it. Akashik was online for 5 or 6 years (I stopped counting) and now its gone. But not forgotten.

I hate giving up on a story. I hate not seeing it finished. But I’d made a major mistake with Akashik: I’d begun putting it out before I had a firm script. It’s not even a fully written tale. That’s not a good idea with comics – or movies. So what do I do now?

I let Akashik sleep, is what. It shall reside in its little glass coffin. I let it sleep and hopefully once a week I go to the script that was never written and I write. And I write. And I get this story tightened up and clear – for what it was up until today was a clusterfrack – and I make it so that I CAN finish it someday. And I continue to hope my ship comes in.

And here, as with my other stories, I will post snippets so you can see that yes. The story shall always live in my mind.

And I shall also eat chocolate.

Death left the Cyphacon!

Cyphacon is over, but we had a good time! The Bedlam Bards were there – great music, and Firefly fans as well – as well as reps for Autism awareness, the D20 girls, awesome stuff, and of course my brawny neighbors! We sang, we didn’t dance, and then it was over and we were sad.

Here are two more podcasts for the wonderful weekend!

Larry Nemececk talks about his documentary about the Con of Wrath which happened in Houston in 1982. Star Trek drama!

I started out watching the Bedlam Bards but it was more important for the moment to talk about autism awareness. We all need to be aware of autism.

And then we go back to the Bedlam Bards. :=)