Whilst Waiting

Someday, I think to myself, 10 Confessions & A Kiss will be finished. Complete. Done. All of the books for sale at my respective distributors. And then, oh yes then, I shall put them up as a weekly webcomic. Which, I realize, means that each volume will need to have an extra side story within; content only those who purchase the comic can see.

I’m thinking this while impatiently waiting for a new panel to render. Aside from the holiday rush, work loading extra onto my plate due to the holiday rush, and other things that have forced me to ignore my own projects the comic is finally going smoothly now that I have settled on 3D technology as it’s means of production. My hands aren’t as tired, the art is more consistent, etc etc. panel6bHere, let me show you a render.

Of course the final panels look more black and white with toning, but this is my starting point.

So far so good: except things keep crashing on me since I got a new hard drive and reinstalled everything from scratch. Argh!

I got invited to attend Cyphacon this year. That was very thoughtful! I remember how well I was treated last year. So I stopped to seriously think about it…

…I’m still not going to go.

For me, there’s no point. It’s been a very bad year, with me hardly being able to create. I have nothing new to offer. And my heart just isn’t in it anymore. At least two regular attendees there created problems for me both at my home and while I was attending.  One problem I can avoid by simply not going. The other, well, the damage can never be undone. They weren’t the only factor in this thing that happened, but I remember how it came to a head and how… well. I can only sum it up with “you don’t tell a person with promise things that will encourage them to stop being productive. Especially when they’re not your child.” That’s the only way I can sum it up. And mind you I’m not blaming those people so much as still burning from the attitudes and, just, yeah. People can suck.

And as I mentioned before, one of my drives for attending the conventions was to find nifty things for my son. To bring my daughter along so she could see things and get out. I no longer have those matters to tend to. So. For me, it would just be a weekend of me smiling at a table, trapped into handling everything by myself while my husband runs around schmoozing and looking at everything, and it’s just too much of a drag anymore. So I think I’ll stay home and make comics. I enjoy making comics. One should choose what they enjoy.

I am considering Bayoucon, though: but only because I’ve lost that address from last year and I really want to deliver these art cards. LOL!

Still, it was very very nice of them to send me an invite. I’ve never been invited *back* to a convention before. I was flattered. If I had the money I’d go just to go and do my usual filming thing – avoiding those artists that have a cow over the free press of course. Oh snap!

So off I go back to work now that my program has crashed yet again… darn it.! I was on a roll too.