Oh the Characters We Can Make

nearmeIf you’ve been hanging around long enough, you should then know that one of my planned projects is Ninja Maid Academy. It’s going to be a comedy, of course, about a secret academy high in the mountains that our protagonist stumbles across one night while going to Grandma’s house.

I’m ages away from production, but this doesn’t mean I’m sitting on my fanny about it. I have to get ready, and the things I have to do to get ready are pretty extensive because I’ll be using 3D much like I do for The Heavenly Bride.

I’ll be using old 3D tech, because the current tech doesn’t meet the look of the thing. I’ve had to learn some things as a result, and it’s a bit harder these days because the tutorials are all but gone.

Currently it’s my hope that when The Heavenly Bride ends the final chapter, I can drum up enough support to go back to making more than one story again. I would like to dedicate a day a week to Akashik, time to Ninja Maid Academy, and I’m not sure on the third. Possibly to Fionnuahla, which would contrast the constant comedy I’d have to crank out and give me something of balance. Of course I would also like to have a day a week to dedicate to The Demonkeeper’s Daughter, but that’s a novel and is something I try to give time to anyway no matter what.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peak of style. Hope you like.