Audio in Motion

Did I tell you about how upgrading to Windows 10 wiped not just the external hard drive on one computer, but reached through the cloud via Dropbox to wipe some files on another? Yeah. Shit like this happens to me so damn much I just don’t want to talk about it anymore.

So let’s talk about one of the next things the Writers of the Apocalypse has cooking up to order. Partly because I gotta learn somehow, partly because I’ve always wanted to do it, I have slowly been working on producing my first novel, Black Wolf Silver Fox, into audiobook form.

I’m certainly learning stuff as I plug along on this thing! Of course there’s the technical stuff like how to compress audio and clean up background noise… but I also have been learning the art of slowing down with my reading. Who knew I talked that fast!

I don’t finish chapters as fast as I probably should, mostly because this is not a primary project. But I do put things out once in a while. Tonight I just put out a newly edited copy of Chapter 3 (I hated the old one), and if you’re a supporter at you can go listen. But only if you’re a supporter!!

And if you’ve never read this book and want to know more about it, of course I have a nifty store page waiting for you to read it. Just click here.

I’m pondering making a new cover. That old cover is nice, but with new productions should come new artwork. It might be the last new artwork, too.  Well, unless I put out yet another version. For example, I think it would make a killer visual novel… but anyway. I’m not an advocate of revisiting your novels to edit and fix again and again until eternity the way some authors want to do. I feel you should move on.

And yet there is a very nifty perk to doing this. While reading I’m finding errors left and right, or I’m editing awkward paragraphs. The next paperback release of BWSF will be much tighter when I’m done. This is working so well all around I’m determined to do the same for Demonkeeper’s Daughter when I’m finished writing that.

When it comes to a new cover, maybe I’ll go for something with a bit more comic book feel. Or I’ll generate some of my popular 3D artwork. Who knows.

Thoughts are welcome, of course!

Work Work Work but It’s Not All About Marketing

I’ve spent my morning, really most of my day, worrying about my own personal projects instead of everyone else’s. This has been made possible by the letter E. E stands for such words as empty, as in empty cue. It can also stand for egomaniac, which I have been accused of being, and exercise, which I’d like to get to some day before my death.

Someone offered me a large sum of money to promote their material. I could use a large sum of money right now – dearly – but I still hesitated before accepting. More than a large sum of money I appreciate my own moral integrity, such as it is. Would I be letting that person down? This meant I needed to research on what I could do for him, to make sure he wasn’t investing unwisely.

My personal marketing strategy is a simple one. I talk like I’m a real person on my blog, I mention real life stuff everyone can relate to, and I’m just me. I’ll buy adverts once in a while when I have $5 to spare (no really, $5) and I give things away for free sometimes… mostly because I figure if i don’t then it will never ever get read. Turns out this strategy of mine, built largely out of shyness and partly out of lack of time, is the recommended model. Who’d have thunk it.

I have notes in front of me of the things I do that work and some things in front of me I found today that might work. I’m picking based on two things: being shy and whether or not the strategy requires I fake being friendly and use people as stepping stones. When I have it all formulated out, I hope to make a post here of what I’m doing for others to adopt and follow. Let’s all hope I find the time. And I’ve decided to accept this person’s offer, but on one condition: he writes like a real person once in a while and mentions things people can relate to. Otherwise, the campaign is doomed to fail.

Anyway, through my forays I rediscovered Scribd. I’d joined them a long time ago, when I was doing Akashik, and uploaded the first book. And promptly forgot them. Upon finding them again, I saw… I have readers there! I have followers! What the HELL! When did THAT happen???

Scribd also sells your books now. How nice is that?

So then my time, which was supposed to be spent working on 10 Confessions & A Kiss, got set aside so I could spend some time updating my Scribd. Ha ha ha, silly me.

The first thing I’ve done there besides take down one of the two books I had up is to upload another book, because it seems to me I should expand my base there. I chose to put up Black Wolf, Silver Fox, as that’s the first book I ever published and usually comes first. I’m linear that way.

I have my doubts about Scribd suddenly shooting me to the stars and giving me the royalties I need to stop doing stuff for everyone else, but … it’s still something that brought me some followers and I never knew it. Perhaps you also should check it out.

Black Wolf Silver Fox by Katrina Joyner