Convention Stupidity

I keep getting rejected for a table at conventions. I’m not used to this.

I’ve been rejected by Tsubasacon, Daycon Clarksville (I really wanted to go to that one, too), and just now Bonzaicon. I haven’t even heard from the many others I’ve sent emails to.  At this stage I’m wondering if I’m expected to do more than show that I have original artwork, be a published author and webcomic artist, and promote every convention I go to on youtube. If this were Hollywood, I’d say that perhaps I’m expected to sleep with someone as well… But although it’s obvious the money-making hounds have taken over a large part of the anime convention industry, I should like to say that it’s not gone that far. Yet.

When Tsubasacon rejected me they sent out a form letter that had one little part that made me lift my eyebrows in a way Leonard Nimoy would have been proud of. They said that the most likely reason why I (and so many others) were rejected for a table was because our artwork wasn’t original enough, and the committee needed to make sure there was a variety of items for the happy con-goers.

I looked at my charms. I pondered how they create them, my art style that people spot a mile away, and the content of my various other items. And I wasn’t original enough?? I cry bullshit.

When I was rejected by Daycon Clarksville, that was insulting. Their website said nothing about being judged. Not a thing. It said to email them and they’d send the needed documents forthwith. So I emailed them once with “I’d like a table” and didn’t give much information. I didn’t have to, right? I told them who I was, what I did, and what I expected to have out of respect – not a desperate need to audition for the blockbuster hit of the year. I got no reply. I checked their website and noticed they’d made space for yet another person, so SOMEONE had gotten the paperwork. I wanted paperwork too! So I emailed them again. I got no reply… until a couple of weeks later when they sent out this mass email explaining that we, the recipients, had been rejected by the judging process and they were so so sorry that we had to wait so long for a response.

I just went to their website again. This long list of people that got rejected? They… don’t really have anyone in their vendor and artist list for all they’re going to have a big room (so they said). At least, yet. They’ve updated their website, I notice. And with at least one vendor, well… I’m glad they’re giving a little kid a chance (or at least it looks like it’s drawn by a little kid). I hope this kid has fun, cuz they deserve a positive experience. But seriously? Again, I cry bullshit.

With this last one, well… it’s probably legit as far as judging processes go. I’ve seen how those processes work from behind the scenes with the Shrimp Boat Festival in Fernandina Beach, Florida. First you give tables to the regulars. Then, IF there are any spots left, you judge the many contenders and pick who you like. Sometimes you’re picking who you like based on the Good Old Boy system, which has nothing to do with art. I’ve known this for years. I’ve read articles talking about it. You can tell me,”No, it isn’t so!” But honey, been there. Done that.

Maybe it’s The Heavenly Bride that’s doing me in. I’m careful to mention that yes I go to these cons to promote my work, but HB only gets a side mention due to it’s rare adult nature. You’d think this wouldn’t be a problem as the conventions I choose all say that if you have adult material to handle it in a specific manner. But, people automatically assume HB is porn because I’m forthright and say it’s got no-no bits once in a while. (Like, all of three times.) Maybe I should be a bit more dishonest and stop saying something.

I’ve already caught on that the conventions I applied to (as if I’m trying to get a job at the UN or something) were run by the same company. You can tell. Same opening artwork style. Same layout. Exact same wording on certain pages. So unless two different people are psychlinking with the Borg I’d say it’s a safe bet it’s all run by the same people.

So I’m not holding my breath or anything.

With Bonzaicon, they said I was #18 on their waiting list. (Very nice of them to tell me that part.) The problem is I can’t do a waiting list. My husband and I need time to get hotels, save money, make sure of stock, and most importantly make arrangements with the job. So I had to email back and ask to be taken off the list.

Seriously, I feel this is a load of bullshit so far. I’m so glad the nice people who ran Archanime weren’t into this kind of stupidity. I can’t wait for next year.