Convention Craziness

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I just returned from ARCHON St. Louis #43 last Monday. What a wonderful time. I got to hang with other musicians, talk to fans, and play a song on stage. (House of the Rising Sun of course.)

The result to dealing with a convention is that Akashik has gotten away from me due to time issues. I actually wanted to have chapter 1 done by now but things are as they are. I have a final thing to do this weekend and then I’m getting back on track.

I was supposed to have a table at Midsouthcon last year but unforeseen drama stopped that. I have applied to try again and hope they don’t decide I’m too old like so many fan cons are doing these days. In the meantime I’m also supposed to go to Chambanacon on Thanksgiving weekend – but I am mainly going to that for the music, to act as a volunteer, and to put some of my things in the art show.

I also just finished filming on another movie. This one is called Dark Threat and it’s a vampire movie. I’m interested to see how it turned out. I’m not looking too hard for the next gig just yet but maybe soon.

I hope you’re enjoying Akashik as it unfolds! Please drop me a line and let me know you’re reading.