Tickle me pink!

Heavenly Bride may be getting a little criticism here and there but it’s also maintaining a spot as #2 in the top 100 free Manga books over at Amazon!  And I thought I’d share, as well as give out a hearty thanks to everyone who is making it possible.


amazon rating 12-28-2012

Akashik is a comic of Firsts.

Back when I formed the Writers of the Apocalypse to produce Akashik, we ended up an all woman team for a while. That was a first in comic history, although few don’t know it. There was perhaps one all woman team before us, and then there was us, and then came along another all woman team that claimed to be the first but wasn’t.

Akashik is the first comic I’ve managed to work on for more than two years.

Akashik is born of my first story idea I have carried in my head since I was five (or so) years old.

And now Akashik is the first comic to be synidicated by Amazon’s new blog publishing program. Check out it’s page here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008UXGTUY  So folks who want to stay up to date and carry Akashik with them without needing a big computer to do so can pay 99 cents a month to get it wired to their Kindle.

Go Akashik. Go!