RWBY Reaction

Okay I can’t keep this in anymore.

Ever seen the show RWBY? Not a bad show, truly. I often wonder if, when I was approached to turn Akashik into a 3D cartoon, if it wasn’t RWBY’s creator that had asked. (Sure wish I’d kept those emails. Thought I did but can’t find them.) I was dubious about the idea at the time and then he’d disappeared, so who can say. Either way, there’s this thing that’s pretty well done and it’s something I’ve been planning for Akashik and The Heavenly Bride since day one so I think: oh, something to learn from.

But watching it can be problematic. It’s difficult having a strong-minded character such as Taus. She demands there be no other characters before her.  But I look sometimes anyway at the thing. You can see the skill has come a ways since episode one, and their budget probably as well. I like to compare.

But the whole time I’m hearing this in my head:

Here first

And it doesn’t help to shush my character when there’s this OTHER character in the show that resembles Ganji. Oh crap, I mentioned it. Now she’s going down that ranting road. Ah ye gods. But Taus isn’t the first fireball woman in the history of super powered stories. She won’t be the last. You just can’t get HER to see that.

I need to find a way to ball and gag characters.

That is all. =^-^=

Visually Occupied

As always happens, the new project has taken over my body and soul. I tell myself I’m only going to alot so much time to The Brat for the day and it ends up taking a lot more.

Which means progress has been had, of course, at the expense of my sleeping hours vs my commission progress. I choose getting commissions done over sleep most times. I like to pay bills.

Today’s Brat activities were supposed to be animating the opening logo for the game itself, but the computer fubarred and I ended up switching tracks. My opening post in the visual novel forum I’m a member of needed to be made more professional looking, as did the page to the game I am housing here. That is what I have ended up doing.

I encourage folks to take a look, give me feedback. Yes, I know I should consider a Kickstarter but it’s too soon. Way too soon. I want to be a lot farther along before I investigate an avenue that always has been a failure for me.

Well. Back to work.