It was a Hairy 2005

Way back, way back! And I found the photos on my drive today. I thought I’d share when I was in “Age of Aquarius” from Hair – uploaded the media album to my Facebook page. Enjoy!

Oh, and I found one of my favorite roles. A dual role actually!


2005 Flashback


2005, K. J. Joyner, man I really gotta work on losing weight cuz my face sure changes when I lose it! LOL

There was a casting call today for a commercial, and I thought what the hell. I’ll submit. It took me all day.

Part of the call was for me to submit some photos of myself. That was a bit difficult, but I managed. While going through my photos folder I came across a 2005 photo of me from when I was acting on stage in Jacksonville, Florida.

My, I had lost a lot of weight back then. I printed it and put it by my workout corner to encourage me to try harder. LOL