Woo hoo progress

I made good progress on 10 Confessions today – so much that I’m thinking it’s almost time for me to start the fundraiser to get the next chapter printed. It’s almost been two years, that’s all! Albiet a tough two years that left me with no time to work on it usually. But woo hoo! Finally seeing the light!

Also made some progress on my 3D comic style process. I’ve invented I don’t know how many looks, all of them written on little notecards and kept in my inbox. My problem is that I can’t settle for just one! What to do what to do. WEll, I know things will happen when the time comes. But in the meantime, what to do what to do….

What I’m Up To…

small whatI’ve spent a lot of time lately working on the 3D models for Heavenly Bride and Akashik – because even though I want to do things handmade I just don’t think my hand will be able to take the punishment. I’ve also been working on the script and really pulling out the super power element of the story where it was a dull hum before.

I need to make a new 3D Genesis dial model.

Oh no! Surely you jest!

No. No I do not. I have to make a HUMAN model.

Oh no! You mean there are humans around?

Yes. To be precise I gotta develop the human who… ahem, for lack of a better way to put it… took Lhung’s virginity. :sweatdrop: I figure with naughty images, she’d be a great linear start.

So although I knew I should be working on other people’s stuff, I devoted some time researching the matter. Because this woman has tattoos on her back. And with 3d models, that means there’s a seam and it’s very very difficult to just plop a tattoo down on the texture and call it a day. It took me a full day just to do Taus’s tramp stamp. I can’t imagine Hitomi’s tattoos. Oy vey.

I found several possibilities, all of them more money than I make in a month (these days) or a week (normally). The one I’m seriously considering, though, is DecalMaker – which fortunately is still available at Daz3D although Renderosity, my store of choice, no longer carries it. DecalMaker apparently was made for folks like me who wanna stick tattoos in the most seamful and sinful areas. But. It’s like $40. -_- But this is my current goal for the Heavenly Bride/Akashik projects.

A lot of people in the world Akashik have tattoos. There’s a language to them. If they’re in a certain area, they can mean anything from “made in Japan” to “property of Microsuck who is also the property of IBM, makers of the U.S. President clones”. So I know that the program is a good investment, but you know I truly wish I could demo it first to make sure I wouldn’t be losing valuable grocery money. *whine*

But that’s what I’m up to. Sexy Hitomi images looming around the corner. If I could get the quality of my renders higher than I have them right now…