Akashik Rebooted

Yes, I can say now that I’m definitely leaning towards doing Akashik, rebooted, using 3D. I’ve been designing the characters that stay, working on the script, cutting people and things that aren’t necessary, and overall it’s shaping up in ways that make me very happy. I hesitate beginning because of time and finances, which is most frustrating, but this is as it has to be for now.

So here are the people that are designed so far. You can go to my Deviantart account to read what I had to say at each interval.

Bella – Cerberus Candidate by ~spearcarrier on deviantART

Mad Ren – Cerberus Candidate by ~spearcarrier on deviantART

Foxglove – Cerberus Candidate by ~spearcarrier on deviantART

Fred – Cerberus Candidate by ~spearcarrier on deviantART


sampleI’ve been stumped when it comes to Akashik. Yes, I did step away from it and shut the website down but I didn’t walk away forever. Things had to come to a balance. And even though I can’t seriously consider coming back to it right now, I still have been pondering how it will get rewritten, how to move the story along, how to push things so that it will finish as a story before I die of old age.

I’m also reconsidering the artwork. I used to play with 3D stuff before, but maybe (I think) I want to simply do it in 3D? But then there’s my style you can’t replace – it’s just my hands are tired. I have problems with my hand, and there are days.

At any rate, have a picture of Taus. I did my first remat of materials to create her usual Cerberus uniform. I’m also rethinking the patches. Do I really want to keep them? The patches were what War made, and I’ve been doing things alone for quite some time.