Clickity Clack

Wow, has it really been a month since I last came here to update? To think that once upon a time I was diligent about keeping up with such things. I suppose if I got paid to do this I’d post more frequently – ha ha ha. That’s funny. Me getting paid. Snort.

Good things and bad things have happened. One of the bad things was recent: my newly-proclaimed mascot, Spook of Life of Death fame, apparently has a liver problem. We don’t know what problem just yet, but the vet suspects it might be something called FIP. Which could turn acute and kill her quickly, or it could be a chronic problem that could be helped with lots of expensive medicine. Which we can’t afford.

Wow. I have a special needs pet. I’m just not sure how to feel about that. Sometimes in cases like these, I’ve seen people give away their pets or put them in the shelter. But Spook literally thinks I’m her mother. And for some bizarre reason I’m attached the snarky ball of fluff. So I don’t think I’ll do that if I can help it.

I thought I was holding it together when I went to see my husband at work after the vet visit, but no. I burst out in a long BAWWWWWWWW right there in the parking lot. The military on base parking lot. With soldiers. Lots of soldiers, milling around everywhere, trying not to notice the fat lady making the noise.

On a good turn, the move has finally stabilized so that I can consider finding the rest of the footage from Cyphacon for you to see. And to make pages a bit quicker. Today’s page involved a lot of planning and work, and I admit it would be a treat to find out if people are hating on Lhung for what he’s doing or what. Almost as much as getting paid. ;-p

And I might have lost a little weight! I have the hubby to thank for that one. A full year of his wife telling him he was gaining weight later, he finally believed her when he didn’t pass a physical test. So he took over the diet – oh thank all that’s unholy. Because although I know what to eat, and I know what foods do what and what herbs do this, that and t’other… I can’t seem to translate the info down into a good meal. He can. So. My pants are looser. He’s looking thinner. Salads all around.

And I think that’s it for an update. Hopefully when I return I can give you something exciting like the release of a new book or something. Until then keep smiling!