sampleI’ve been stumped when it comes to Akashik. Yes, I did step away from it and shut the website down but I didn’t walk away forever. Things had to come to a balance. And even though I can’t seriously consider coming back to it right now, I still have been pondering how it will get rewritten, how to move the story along, how to push things so that it will finish as a story before I die of old age.

I’m also reconsidering the artwork. I used to play with 3D stuff before, but maybe (I think) I want to simply do it in 3D? But then there’s my style you can’t replace – it’s just my hands are tired. I have problems with my hand, and there are days.

At any rate, have a picture of Taus. I did my first remat of materials to create her usual Cerberus uniform. I’m also rethinking the patches. Do I really want to keep them? The patches were what War made, and I’ve been doing things alone for quite some time.

Master of Style

I’m feeling rather excited today. I’ve been planning a side story to put in the next Heavenly Bride chapter book and really wanted to use 3D technology – not because I’m lazy, because I can tell you that using 3D is just as hard if not harder as drawing by hand. I just saw some real possibilities with it, ones that people who use 3D don’t usually take. With new manga shaders coming out for Daz3D, which I use, and other things the windows were wide open. Except I can’t afford to get the shaders, so started to experiment to see if I could do things without the shaders.

The answer is yes, to some extent, I can. If I want their look I could still buy the shaders, but right now I just don’t feel like I have to. I have discovered a look all of my own, one that I’m going to use for this side story. And for Avenia – I’m really excited over that one.

The side story isn’t meant to be very serious, and this is a serious looking style. But I think it won’t hurt matters.

Gosh I need to win the lottery so I can concentrate on comic books alone. LOL

I reopened the Fan Pup forum, attaching it to Heavenly Bride. It’s a members only forum. It will post the next page of Heavenly Bride in advance, have sneak previews, some sexy nekkid stuff, and hopefully will encourage pups to talk to me a bit. Yeah, it’s a membership situation. I haven’t finished arguing with the membership software yet, but if you’re curious it’s at: http://www.theheavenlybride.com/members