Free Wallpaper!

Well in case you haven’t guessed, I’m going to be trying to plug/blurb/review other webcomics in this blog from time to time. I’ll also have articles about the writing process, artwork, bettering your stuff: whatever I feel like ranting about. I’m planning on pulling some of my old business rants off my personal blog and putting them here, too. Because I just think this blog could use that sort of a shakeup. However, I don’t have much on that this post. Sorry.

There’s this Taus 3D model I’ve been building here and there… for now she’s an older Taus, from Akashik, although I hope to begin on something for Heavenly Bride eventually. Today I decided she was good enough to render. So although Charlie (my computer for those who aren’t in the know) is tired he was put to rendering while I handled the business of making money. If you’re curious, this is her so far:

A full render produced something I could play with, so I set about making another wallpaper to give away. Yes, I said give away. I know I usually make wallpapers in the hopes of getting webcomic support here and there, but Pups who have been here a while also know I’ve this fondness of giving things away. I just like to do that. Maybe Santa was my great ancestor or something. So anyway, here is the wallpaper:

Yeah I know it looks suspiciously like another such wallpaper I gave away for free a couple of years ago. I’m only playing with the model right now and learning the program, so originality wasn’t an aim here.

If you’d like one – for free! – then pop over to the Apocalypse Store. You may have to register (it’s a safety feature), but I promise you won’t get spam. You won’t be charged for the download. I only get charged for my website. That’s about it. 🙂


Oh. Here’s a really cool music video to enjoy. If you like that sort of thing.

Blue Sunny Day by Johnathon Coulton