I really should stay away from the reviews.

And I said I would stay away from the reviews, but I carelessly checked them again yesterday and today.  I’m not depressed, nah. When I sat down this morning to make the next Heavenly Bride page I kept the negative ones in mind and tried my best to make a pretty page.  And there were good reviews, too. They said my artwork wasn’t half bad and that the character development was great.

One review, however, had me questioning what I have to do to get people to pay better attention to the story description. Heavenly Bride is a mature story. By chapter two, our main guy has a nekkid intimate encounter while playing with his food. In the current chapter we’re in, there’s going to be an even more intimate but less playful encounter. I state it’s for mature audiences everywhere I can, especially in the purchase descriptions. Smashwords, at least, lets me put in that it’s for mature audiences only so that it can be filtered out from shoppers who shouldn’t and wouldn’t want to see it. Amazon and Barnes and Noble, it appears, do not have such a feature so I have mentioned it in the description.

So uploadI’m nonplussed why it would be recommended for “preteens” and teenagers by one reviewer today. How much more obvious need I get?

Well, at least people are reading it! And giving it more than three stars! And liking it! I guess I just have to hope some random parent group holding flaming signs and pitchforks don’t lynch me in my own backyard.

And yes, that’s right. I started to get back into the swing of things and resumed Heavenly Bride over a week ago sometime. For now I’m scheduling updates to appear on Saturdays, being the day I pulled out the new sheet of paper. If I can get ahead of myself and my schedule I’ll do occasional Wednesday (or so) updates as well. But for now Saturday is king.

I guess this is one way to have my adult Saturday morning cartoons.. or something.

Lucky 7

I have a process when I finish a comic chapter. I stop. I breath. I pace the house. I go over the future parts of the script, if it’s written, and revise according to what I changed as I drew the chapter. Then I format the just-finished chapter for Smashwords, Kindle, Drivethru Comics, etc. Then I pace the house some more. Usually I stay up for 24 hours working on it.

Then I take a week off.

It’s just really important to take that time to avoid burn out.

Then the magical day comes – that day when I begin revving engines to prepare for another chapter run.

Step 1. Open the script, skim a bit to remind myself of things or make more changes. This is probably the most important part. I’m all about consistency, the art of foreshadowing, and other things.

Step 2. Separate the right chapter from the entire script and put into its own document that will keep track of page numbers, once again going over details.

Step 3. Print said chapter, put it into the Holy Book of Heavenly Bride, and set it on my desk in preparation for the next day I’ve set aside for Heavenly Bride work.

All of this takes a while.  But it’s done. Chapter 7 starts soon.

Someday I should like to have part of that be “send scripts to penciller and get all excited while waiting for the first pages to come back.” 🙂

This isn’t much of an update, so you know. Enjoy School House Rock at the start of this post.