The pins have arrived.


Heavenly Bride’s Book 1 kickstarter campaign just had it’s first thank you gift incentive delivered: the Lhung pin. I thought you might like to see them.


It felt kind of weird getting this little box of pins, each with Lhung’s happy little face grinning up at me. They’re just little things, about 1.25 inches, and so shiny. They’re so SHINY!!! THEY’RE SO SHINY!!!

I’ve been at this self-publishing business since I was 18 years old and that feeling you get seeing your book in print or whatever still hasn’t faded away. I’m given to understand it will in time, but I’m 41. When is it time? And do I want it to be time? Methinks this feeling is what keeps me in the biz; loving what I do.

I didn’t get that many investors that wanted the pin, so I am going to have some pins that need a home. Not sure what to do with them. I am planning on attending Cyphacon this year, but you gotta be a Heavenly Bride lover to appreciate this little trinket. What to do, what to do…

Tickle me pink!

Heavenly Bride may be getting a little criticism here and there but it’s also maintaining a spot as #2 in the top 100 free Manga books over at Amazon!  And I thought I’d share, as well as give out a hearty thanks to everyone who is making it possible.


amazon rating 12-28-2012