maybe we should sell

Our house has had seven owners in the past few years. We couldn’t figure out why at first, but now we’re thinking we know why. We have a shitbag neighbor.

No, really. The guy is a total shitbag. In and out of jail. Steals our gas cans and various tools from our backyard. Robs people’s houses – I personally have interrupted one of his robberies as he was trying to break into the garage. Who in the fuck would want to live next to a shitbag like that, especially when the cops know the piece of shit by  name but can hardly do anything about him?

So it’s been a year since the tornado ravaged the town where our house is, and we finally – just this month – paid off the last bit of repairs. A glass window. Final thing. Should be no more. Should get to breathe easy while I also still try to cough up taxes, car tag taxes, other taxes. And taxes.

The lady watching our house while we’re stationed down here away from home (go army) came home from work today to… shattered glass. Because although the cops are saying there’s no way that glass was shattered by an impact of any kind. Apparently the glass just kind of decided to crack and then shatter in your classic “I am glass that has been purposefully shattered” spiderwork pattern while she was away for no apparent reason. And, guess what. It’s a repair we can’t afford to fix. If it hadn’t been for what the insurance company kicked in for repairs after the tornado, all of that wouldn’t have been repaired as well. I could repair the house ten times over from saving up the insurance payments in a returnable bank fund vs what we pay the insurance company for.  Seriously.

Now the lady at my  house is known for exaggerating and going “oh my goodness!” over the stupidest, tiniest shit. But.. she says the glass is shattered. So I’m going to believe her until I see the picture.

And I dunno. The cops know who the fucktard is. And they themselves told me the neighborhood is always left alone when the fucktard is in jail. And they’re at my house saying the glass was not from an impact blow.

I dunno. You tell me, folks. I personally grew up in an environment where you don’t depend on the cops for safety, and there are too many times I’ve been let down by the police when it comes to break-ins and personal safety. But the least we could do is get a decent police report to send to the insurance company. Can’t we get that at least, being as serving and protecting has been out of the question since the 1960’s?

But. They might be right. Really need to see those pics.

And somehow raise a few thousand to repair my house. Again. Which I’m so out of ideas on how to do.

Yeoman Rebooted

I have spent days working on the new Yeoman model, adapting him closer to the comic book version. I thought I’d post the “I’m almost happy with this” image.

Yeoman – the new design by ~spearcarrier on deviantART

I hear you guys, and I understand: 3D no go! So I’m thinking really hard about this. Fortunately I have a lot of time to think about it in – the final redo won’t happen until the script is finished. And then I will have to look at my financial situation. I don’t want to lose Akashik twice.

More later!