Middle-Southern Louisiana Power

I need to say this for all posterity.

The power company’s service here in Louisiana is the complete and utter total SUCK. They have cost me hundreds upon hundreds of dollars that, quite frankly, I didn’t have. On base at Fort Polk… okay I put up with it. But it wasn’t half as bad as where I am now. What the fucking HELL. I have a brown out every single damn day. And then they have the nerve to charge me these huge exorbitant prices for their crappy service.

I bought a UPS last week to try to protect my computer from their very frequent brownouts. And you know it’s already dead???

I honestly feel that if this weren’t a good ol’ boy area where I’d have an actual fair chance of fighting it, I’d hold the power company legally responsible for the money they’ve cost me. We eat hotdogs nearly every damn day and can’t afford to buy a full sized refrigerator or a stove for the kitchen, but they’re going to not only charge me for crappy service but destroy my computer and livelihood with it. RIDICULOUS.

If you depend on your computer for an income, don’t move to the outlying areas of Fort Polk, Louisiana. Especially not towards Alexandria. I’m not joking when I say the service here sucks.