Submissions Open

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a long time, since I became the only Apocalypse Writer left. I have tentatively opened submissions for folks who would like to publish their stuff under the Apocalypse name.

There aren’t going to be that many perks to it. Just that your stuff will get advertised when I advertise, I’ll go through the trouble of putting it up at Drivethru for you and fix it so your account automatically gets the commission. And if I find other places that handle commissions the way Drivethru does I’ll expand to use them.

That’s about it.

But there they are, if anyone is interested. Because the Writers have shrunk to be tiny and it’s sad.

Basic Announcement of Intent

I’ve been planning a comic based on the tale of Greylegs for many many years. With Frozen just getting released in theaters and the fact that Disney is running short on fairy tales to mangle, I feel it’s best that I announce my intention to create this story.

You can find out more about this project through this blog. Check out the new page here entitled ‘Greylegs’.