Sour Cream

I recently discovered that I love dipping beef jerky in sour cream. I mean, really. REALLY. Man. Awesome stuff, beef jerky and sour cream. Like a creamy white gooey beef covered goo to put in my mouth and just.. mmm.

Originally this post was going to talk about how the hubby and I have managed to escape corporate fly-DNA food a little bit. That’s not as easy as it sounds in some parts. Back up north, I kept trying to make it to the farmer’s market and couldn’t bloody FIND the thing. The only reason why we’ve found it here is because the nice guys at the meat market passed the word. So every Saturday it has become our weekly routine to spend it foraging for healthy food.

We’ve watched this little market grow from one stall to several, and for the first time last week we managed to go shopping for everything we needed and (this is key) *not have to go anywhere else*! Awesome!!

If you don’t think healthy food has anything to do with my ability to write stories and make comics, think again. It has everything to do with it. My goodness: I don’t feel perfectly great these days, but I *do* feel better. And better is a wonderful thing! With less chemicals and crap in my diet, I’ve become slightly more productive.

Now if only I could also lose the weight. HA!

I encourage everyone to get to know where their local farmer is. Sometimes the food is super expensive (we spent $7 on a loaf of bread once) and other times it’s a good price. You just gotta learn to get around a bit, and when you do the healthy food budget becomes quite manageable. In fact we’re spending the same amount every week on healthy food that we used to do on DNA food.  And it’s worth it. It’s so worth it!

The change of lifestyle makes a difference on your daily life. It truly does. Maybe you don’t want to be more productive at work. Maybe you’re stuck in a crappy fast food place all day or something equally dismal. But wouldn’t you at least like to feel better on a daily basis?

Think about it.

But anyway: sour cream.

Well time for me to get back to work. Heavenly Bride and all that. I just spent 2 days updating the code to all of the epubs that go out to Barnes and Nobles, Apple and the like. It’s too bad they aren’t very readable on small devices, I am sad to say… but they looked good on my Nook Color. Sorry guys! But at least things are prettier.

Crossposted from somewhere else

I’m getting pretty damn tired of people taking my well meaning chatter as offensive while at the same time accusing me of being offended. Here’s a thought, people… shut up, get off your high horse whatever its flavor may be, and pay attention. Cuz you make me sick.

Today for the first time I removed someone from my watch and friend list over this. I thought they were a very neat person, and I liked their 3D tutorials. Yeah sure a lot of their posts were really just ads about some product they had out, but they’re trying to make a living. They had a lot of good things to say around that, and I like to give people a chance.

My response to a question was met with “wow, this is the first time I’ve met someone who is offended at my tutorials.” All because I expressed frustration at how, when you fit an object to a figure, the cloning function in DAZ takes away shoulder mobility. The shirt’s sleeves will often times meld with the arm, making it behave like a second skin. And for whatever reason, DAZ has decided all skirts and dresses are never longer than your knees. Ever. Yeah yeah sure, I had said, add bones and other things I don’t understand. My point was: what if I don’t WANT to add bones every time? What if the product doesn’t LET me add bones? (I’ve got at least two that won’t.) What if I feel like the DAZ people could remember we also have lower legs and maybe tweak things so the sleeves don’t melt like that? Yeah I know it’s hard, but just five years ago what we’re doing now was hard too.

How is that being offended at THEIR tutorials exactly? It’s not even on the topic of THEIR tutorials.

And for anyone not on a high horse they’d see that it’s not. So to hell with them. I like their stuff, they’re very creative with how to get around the problems in DAZ, but I’m getting old. And I’m crotchety. And I don’t have time for some oversensitive jerkoff treating me poorly because they don’t know how to read or pay attention. I’m outta there.

The saddest part about events like this is the idiot in question is almost always someone who wants to fight for gay rights, against slavery, or some other very important subject. They’ve led a life being put down the man or something. They’re all about how we should understaaaand. I get enough drama being treated like an object in this tiny Southern town. And I know from real experience what it is to be sexual assaulted and bigoted against. So you know. Shut up. Take your drama ass somewhere else. You just lost me as a friend, customer, pr person, insert phrase here.

I don’t have time for you.