Ironically I’m pro “the reason why Anonymous got together”. But yo, this ain’t no Anonymous shit. This isn’t even their MO.

It’s not “harmless fun.”

It’s “not like you don’t hack people’s bank accounts.”

You just cost me a full month’s pay. And possibly my new job. If there were any justice in this world, you’d be held accountable for my bills and the fact that my bank account you “didn’t hack” has been hurt by your selfish and cruel actions.

I hate you all. With a black candle vengeance. No really. With a black candle vengeance.

I encourage everyone around the globe to join me in my circle of hatred. Let us all join hands every night at midnight EST and send vibes of “die die die” to these infantile bastards of spew. Let this continue until my bills are paid in full and this sort of things doesn’t put such a heavy burden on me.

Join the dark side, to defeat the stupid idiotic side.