Electric is now shut off.

Yes I am sad to say that today they shut off our electricity. The frustrating part about it Is that if they had just waited until tomorrow We were going to pay them money when our check went through. They want $200 Today to get our lights on. We have a couple of dollars and some change.

I don’t know what is going to happen from here. I have already consolidated some of the websites And cut back on a lot of other things To compensate for the electric companies enormous bill. It really is stupid. $400 is almost as much as my rent.

Fortunately Heavenly bride is ahead by a small bit. Although 10 confessions has remained in the works it is currently on hiatus because Charlie appears to be having another bit of hardware failure. Some of my work is affected but overall I can’t render and do other high graphic stuff. that really cheesed me off when it started because 10 confessions was on a roll and for the first time it looked like I was going to get to the end of this chapter.

Of course with no electricity I’m not going to get to the end of anything.

Thank you to those people who did pull together and help us. You at least bought us that extra month and I was able to get the heavenly bride ahead. Sadly it wasn’t enough to get us through to now when the bills were finally going back down.

My only real regret is that if I can’t get back online in the next day or two I will probably lose my flatting job. This is very upsetting. As you know I was making a transition from ebooks to flatting as work.

I am NOT completely stopped. It does not take electricity to do pencil drawings. I have spent the day finishing two commissions. But now it is time to stop. My hands are old and they hurt. I think I will read a book while there is still daylight.

Anyway I am using my phone to get this in. I should stop wasting the battery. See you on the flip side.

Blessing in Disguise?

lookingFinally the work flow was good enough I could devote a good solid amount of time to 10 Confessions. I mean, sure, our lights are about to be shut off for it but there’s no helping that right? I can’t suddenly procure a huge commission out of the blue. People come to me. So best use my time wisely.

Except when I sat down to do 10 Confessions – and I was going to knock out as many pages as I could mind you – to my horror nothing was working right. Every time I tried to render a panel, it just looked bad. For that matter a lot of things looked bad, to the point I couldn’t get any paying work done anyway. I thought I’d killed another video card… but in the end I could only figure out that the problem was in one of the 3D shaders I use to make things look all toonified. And nothing I could do would make it work right.

I honestly sat back and wondered what 10 Confessions had done for the universe to slap it around so much. I mean, every time I’ve tried to get chapter two done something has happened. It’s like trying to roll a boulder uphill by yourself, sometimes. But. Two days of fussing with Charlie the Computer later, I found a solution to the problem in a FREE shader offered by someone that just happens to create results better than the expensive one that broke.  So now I’m sitting here going, oh, well that was for the best sort of now wasn’t it?

Blessings in disguise.

The only real downer is I only got two pages done when I could have done so much more. Dang it.