Anecdote in the Night

centaur-01[1]Upon meeting a certain person a long time ago, I saw he was playing a war strategy game that I also happened to have on my computer at the time. I asked him if he really liked it, thinking it would be neat to have someone to talk to about it and maybe get some tips. He replied snottily, telling me that I wouldn’t understand it, that it was above my education and capacity. I wouldn’t like it.

Upon the second meeting of this person we got into a brief conversation of WWII while my husband handled some business. I felt it was a pleasant conversation as I was studying Hitler’s metaphysical quest with a little more enthusiasm than I do today. When it was time to go, I suggested to this person, “We should hang out again sometime and discuss Hitler.” He sneered and said to me, “You’ll lose.”

I chose not to give that person a third time to judge himself better than me. See I’m going on 46*, and this means I’m educated and smart enough to figure out that what I didn’t like was being treated like a moron, and that he lost out… on a possible friend.

Moral of the story: don’t sweat it when you meet a snob. Snub them back. They’re the ones missing out. =^-^=

*Not really, but for some reason I decided I was 46 last month. My friends had to correct me.

Betting You Thought I’d Forgotten It But…

… no I didn’t forget 10 Confessions & A Kiss. My life has just sucked that bad.

However, there’s good news. I know I had decided “pencil forever” on the final art style but the other day I stumbled across a way for me to do the one look I’ve been wanting to do from the beginning. And with that, 10 Confessions will be taking another style track: most likely the final one if all goes well.

It’s all because of how I’ve been working on 3D to get Akashik back up again. I got curious, did some tweaks, and before I knew it I had a very good looking (if drawn a little differently) Zoe with perfect toning and great proportions. And I realized… I can totally do this.

So for the past 24 hours I’ve been working on some things as fast as I can before my coach turns back into a pumpkin. I have the four main guys done up and even rendered. Want to see?

Helping Out by ~spearcarrier on deviantART

Oh Zoe by ~spearcarrier on deviantART

Lala 3D by ~spearcarrier on deviantART

Together by ~spearcarrier on deviantART

So yes, things continue to fall back together.