More About 10 Confessions

Zoe's new look thanks to DAZ's new way of breaking shader purchases. Cowlick to be added later when I figure that part out.
Zoe’s new look thanks to DAZ’s new way of breaking shader purchases. Cowlick to be added later when I figure that part out.

I’m sure you already know that 10 Confessions has been brought to a complete standstill by what I thought were further hardware failures. Weeks upon weeks later, many fightings to get my renders to look how they used to, and hundreds of explorations and experimentations later I had to accept it wasn’t Charlie. It was DAZ 3D and their latest stupid update, and the fact that toon renders seem to be very low on their totem pole. Where “realistic” lighting used to work before, it doesn’t now. And with pwtoon, despite the website saying it’s compatible, simple lighting is chancy at best.

If you’re not sure what I’m saying, then let me sum it up: DAZ broke my toy with their stupid update. It’s been weeks and months and the toy has never been fixed. 10 Confessions has suffered.

I’ve had to think of another way to make 10 Confessions – and let me tell you I’m sore unhappy with this development. But DAZ is free, and you get what you pay for. And speaking of what you pay for, something I’ve been coveting went on sale last night so it was bought for the sake of 10 Confessions: a manga shader.

It’s risky switching to this shader because I am seriously considering saving to purchase Poser at some point and switching some of my renders to it. Poser is more stable and people make my sort of  complaint less, you see. But they don’t have a manga shader.

So here I am working along, learning this new method. I’m almost there, which is good because I’m SO FUCKING TIRED OF BEING STUCK AT CHAPTER TWO. And there is one good thing about switching to this shader: I’ve been trying to imitate a manga like look since 10 began. It is now achieved on a level I am definitely happy with. See image.


My husband’s little brother has moved in with us and he brought two puppies.

I warned him that if he came with those puppies, they would become my puppies. And so far, they kind of are. Since they arrived I have literally spent all night until dawn tending to said puppies. I have also spent other parts of my waking hours helping with the puppies, although I have to admit the little brother has helped some.

Said puppies have worms. I’ve been planning to deworm them, but I worried they were too young. I decided when the diarrhea passed from the inevitable change of diet by coming there, that would be the death time to worms. It looks like the worms have taken matters into their own uuuh… can I say worms have hands? and are working very hard to gross me out. That is all you need to know about that. I am grossed out. Severely grossed out. I can’t even leave my office right now. I’m sitting here waiting for 3 AM, when the room mate wakes up, so I can beg for her help. I have literally run out of the house retching at least once. Seriously, this is gross.

Another amusing anecdote. A study was done and the top ten corrupted states in America were announced in a list. Some official sounding thing in Hong Kong was part of the study. I don’t remember the particulars. What I do remember is Louisiana was #2 on the list. Not shocked. Illinois is #4 on the list. Man, I’m screwed.

And The Demonkeeper’s Daughter is dying to be written and read. But I worked on Heavenly Bride tonight; I have a schedule to keep. And work to do.

Please send me offerings of chocolate so that I may create for you.