Where Are All the Flowers….

SONY DSCI thought it would be neat to give you a snapshot of some of my latest charms today. This snapshot is a week old, actually, because I never found the time to upload it until today. A couple of those charms didn’t make it and had to be undone, but overall my little workshop has been busy busy. Even with the cutter problems.

I still haven’t found a convention yet, but the truth is I haven’t really been looking ever since emailing the few that were nearby to get no real response. I’ll just keep things to internet sales a little while, especially considering the finances.

Do you remember the hardiest plant in the world? I’ve been watching the broken plant spawns flourish in their respective pots ever since. They’ve gotten big, and leafy green, and really love it when I water them. They love me in a way only a rescued plant can.

It’s actually a recently proven scientific fact that plants can sing. I find that amusing because I’ve always said that plants sing after a good rain, especially when they’ve been thirsty for so long. I have no better way to explain the outright postive energy the flora seems to put out when they’ve been watered like that. So. They sing.

The bass and tenor chorus of the hardiest plants in the world, whom I have been calling the Hardy Boys I think I told you once, appears to have acquired a soprano in the mix.

Meet my Hardy Girl. SONY DSC

Yes, that’s right. My girl. She’s the only one of the collection of hardiest plants that has chosen to flower. And isn’t her pink dress just the loveliest thing. You can see how robust the plants have gotten¬† just looking at her.

The thing is, I don’t water these plants a lot. I water them maybe once a week, or every other week. So on one level I’m disappointed that the person I allowed to live in my home free for four years couldn’t be bothered to take the less than an hour a month it would have taken to water my plants.¬† On another level, I’m really happy that these guys have survived and are looking so beautiful.

And look there. She’s about to add more lace to her sleeves. Six flower buds, if I count correctly.