I swear to you this new printer of mine makes me want to smash it with Thor’s hammer. I often feel that’s all it’s good for. One little hair gets inside, and the things streaks like crazy. If the paper isn’t perfectly flat, and I do mean perfectly, it won’t feed it and print on it. I’ve wasted ink cartridge after ink cartridge and witnessed poor print after poor print with the thing. It’s new. I’ve gotten about 2 good prints out of it and lost a lot of money.

Moral of the story is I knew not to buy Epson. I am reminded.

But I’m stuck, unfortunately: can’t go back. Can’t get a different printer. The funds simply aren’t there. Which only frustrates me more, because as long as this printer is being shitty I can’t do important things like print bluelines to carry on with Bride.

I may have mentioned this before… I’m not sure. But speaking of Bride, I’m seriously considering shutting the website down and going strictly for book production. I think I mentioned it at the Bride website, where it wouldn’t be read. The long of the short of it is that ever since I found out about 5 people were taking the pages from Bride and posting them on comic hub websites without so much as a “great page today!” or even a tired “thanks”… I’ve lost a lot of heart when it comes to doing the comic online. Everyone gets discouraged, and this has been very discouraging. Even more than when I had to shut down Akashik.

I don’t want to stop making the book, no, I’m just sick and tired of posting it online for the silent masses to withhold their applause over. And even on Amazon, where the bulk of its readers have been lurking, the readership has died down to maybe 2 or 3 people. I want to finish the story for me. I don’t want to keep making a supreme effort for everyone else when its for nothing, as I think I have said before.

… Yep. I’ve made up my mind. I’m ending the Heavenly Bride membership tonight. I’m reworking the entire website. Tonight. I’m done. It’s time to go in a new direction.

Adventures in the Park

The other morning I woke up and, still wiping my eyes, toddled over to the computer to check messages. This was when Facebook took it upon itself to remind me that I had an anniversary coming up – that day. Who knew.

The husband and I agreed for our anniversary we would upgrade my phone so we could play Pokemon Go together. I’m not a big fan of Pokemon, but I am a small fan of finding ways to do moderate exercise without getting bored. I’ve tried all sorts of programs. So that’s what we’ve been doing the past few days: playing Pokemon Go in the evening when the heat releases its hold on the world a bit. Late evening. Okay. Night, right before bedtime.

I have no idea if this latest exercise weight loss scheme is working yet. I’m not holding my breath or anything.

DSC00027All in all it’s been a pretty active few days, though. Another bit of action happened yesterday. We took ourselves to the park for a bit of filming. Good stuff! After looking at our footage – more test footage than anything – I’ve decided to go in a different direction with this planned short piece though. I don’t normally rewrite things, but this piece is meant to be 100% improv so I have this peanut butter freedom a script doesn’t normally afford in my world.

I do love making film as a hobby, and although I have no intention of going full tilt with the things I do let’s face it: I’m headed that way fast. The Mohegan Project is growing, and I have all of these ideas (and so little time). The husband has also been bitten by the creation bug. I’m practically tearing his jaw off while pulling at the reins. Whoah, Nellie!

For now I’m trying to concentrate solely on this one little idea while planning the other 2 for the future. Y’all know that when I plan for the future, this sometimes means the far future. I won’t bore you with another update on my usual projects: it seems to be all I talk about on this blog, I swear.

The only drawback to increasing the level of my physical activity is that my schedule gets thrown completely off, and it’s hard for me to keep work going at a steady pace. Today I woke up at a classic 6 AM despite my best efforts, though, which generally means the switch in my head that puts things back on track has been flipped. I’m good for that.

But yet here I sit, wondering what I’m supposed to be doing right now. The truth is I don’t like to start work until around 1:30, which is when the husband goes back to work after coming home for lunch. Hrm.