High Expectations

I have to tell you, I’m certainly getting a reporter’s workout by not being left alone despite the other party’s claims they want no contact.

high expectations

The pictured gem above came today after being contacted on her behalf in an attempt to get me to meet her at a police station to exchange our items. I had replied that I did not want this person within 50 feet of me (rather I wish she were on the other side of the solar system) and that I was not doing all of the driving this time. I had made the fair offer to meet halfway. I had offered to mail the item COD. Hell, if I had proof that she had already mailed my ballgowns the cheap way I’d simply mail her camera out without a COD condition. Instead of there being an attempt to come to some sort of fair solution that doesn’t shaft me after all I’ve been through, I get threats and now this – after being told she wanted no further contact.

Didn’t I tell you she was instigating things every step of the way? Yet another piece of evidence to drive home. I told you I had no reason to lie.

I seriously have to wonder who she thinks she is to demand that I’m going to drive two hours one way to her little town and put myself at risk to being falsely accused inside a police station at her convenience for a $50 camera, a homemade steady-cam, and a toy light saber. I can see her desire to get her items back, but she didn’t even think about demanding the steady-cam and light saber until just now – as if she’s trying to trump up charges or something.  Also, when we told her daughter on numerous occasions that she had left her lightsaber at our house she finally told us not to worry about it, we could have it, that she had gotten another. There has been absolutely no concern for this cheap little toy until now. Petty much? Would it be too ironic if I called her an Indian Giver?

This woman’s husband has a vehicle. If it’s that important, why can’t he put her ass in the passenger seat and drive her halfway to get her things? Why can’t he just come by himself to get her things? I don’t care if his vehicle needs work. So does mine. I ain’t no rich patty over here; I’m just someone with no desire to be taken advantage of again.

She says she doesn’t have the money for COD. Too bad. I have already made arrangements to get the camera gone, and that situation is already in motion. I did that because of the legal threat text I received today, and I realized that the camera did not need to be in my house anymore.  Apparently trying to get it to her like a mature adult without putting myself out and being walked all over was never going to happen. I wasn’t going (even if I could contact her) to tell her what was going on. She’s pretty much shooting herself in the foot repeatedly here, all out of some desperate need for drama or something. I don’t know how long it will take the camera to get to her now. Maybe months. Gotta love that red tape.

Aside from this blog post, here is what we have been pushed into doing. We’ve contacted a lawyer. We’ve put forth a cease and desist letter as well as a goods reclamation letter. (In the mail!) We sent them with delivery confirmation. We’ll most likely be doing this through legal counsel or at the very least an unaffiliated party because of her demands for no contact that she has willfully broken.

I am going to be looking into adding mental anguish to my complaint list, as this woman’s harassment is so stressful I can’t eat and am having difficulty getting work done. This will take a little research.

When it comes to my ball gowns, they are not half as important as my right to Free Speech. But on the other hand…  she should probably cough up my property somehow. She has the means. She needs to act human about this and do the right thing. Period.

Also. She needs to go away.

Practice Your First Amendment Well.

For the record, I post things to this blog the way I do to keep an accountable record. This means I record things that upset people. You are free to be offended in this country. I am free to offend.

I just got proof that I am being slandered today. It came by text message, which means that on top of this blog I now have a legal record. It also came in the form of a polite threat. At least it was polite, I guess.

In the contents of the text, I was able to glean the following things about my situation:

  1. My nemesis is definitely slandering my good name.
  2. My nemesis is abusing her suddenly-appeared partner’s financial advantage to bully me, I’m guessing into silence. That last part is a guess. It’s also the part that offends me the most.
  3. My nemesis is stating that she fears me – and the evidence suggests she’s doing it after I already stated how I feel about with the thought of being around her. Redirect is a common tactic when villainizing someone, and it’s something I wholly expected. If she were truly afraid of me, she’d simply go away and stop provoking me. It’s not hard. You just… do other things. Like.. take a shower, clean your house, or take a remedial course on the English language.
  4. My nemesis still wants her little $50 camera – ironic considering we were in motions to return it when she supposedly cut contact.
  5. My nemesis is still stalking me (and thus initiating contact) by reading this blog.

It’s really silly, the way she’s carrying on.  She’s claiming to want to cut ties without actually cutting ties. Sending someone to threaten me and make arrangements for her camera by proxy is still a way to get a sense of contact. She should have acted like an adult and handled the situation without pouring gasoline on the fire.

I’m not backing down from reporting in this blog for a variety of reasons. All of them are personal, all of them are founded through experience, and all of them are things I deeply believe in.

First, and most importantly, this blog is my exercise of the First Amendment. If I’m silenced, not only are my Constitutional rights being violated but it sets a precedent for Americans at large.

Secondly, I am sick to death of being bullied. Bullying is at epic proportions in this country. We have bullying by cell phone, bullying by blog, bullying at work, at home, and there’s always been bullying by the abuse of law. I have no desire to back down and allow the bullies to win again. I just can’t bring myself to do so.

Thirdly, I am sick to the point of puking with being cast as the villain. It never fails. Some misunderstanding happens and the slandering begins – always on the part of the other party – and before its over everyone believes I’m the bad guy. It has happened with abusive ex’s, it has happened with users that came (and successfully) took my hard work away, and as far as I can tell it’s happening right now. I’m firmly saying no this time.

When I think on how I just can’t back down the way I might have done years ago, I keep coming back to this one particular moment in my final interactions with the crazy bitch. It was when we were at the Waffle House and she half stood up aggressively and used the word ‘dear’ in that special, hateful tone of voice. That was when the tables turned, and the ability to be nice just… died. I was still polite after that. I was still a good hostess. But any sympathy in her direction, any belief in any of the numerous stories she had to tell in which she cast others from her past as the bad guy, anything of that nature disappeared without a trace. That was the moment in which the proverbial camel’s back broke, and the hardened person who is fed up with being treated poorly stepped into play. No more, no less.

Fourth and final for this blog post, all she has to do to get me to drop things would be to… drop it. My posts aren’t initiations to harass her. They’re reactions to her poor treatment and harassment in my direction. In other words, all she has to do is… drum roll please… go away.

Let me reiterate. This is my assessment of the actual events and evidence I have in place:

  • She’s definitely harassing me.
  • She’s definitely aggravating me.
  • She’s definitely initiating contact by various forms again and again.
  • It looks like she’s slandering me.
  • Circumstantial evidence suggests she’s stalking my life.
  • If all these things are true, then she’s hurting the name of her company and that of her partner.
  • If all these things are true, she’s definitely hurting my good name where I have not mentioned her name once. Not once. Nope. Because therapy/venting to me was more important than libelous slander. Go figure.

So you see. I can’t bring myself to just shut up. I might as well get a spoiled toddler, carry them to Walmart, and then give in to every single demand they have while letting them hit me with their little fists. Because that is what this crazy scenario is like.