The Dhampir

Crossposted from my Instagram account (username spearkharier).

The #dhampir or #dhampyr is the half-breed child between a #vampire and a human. In Balkan myth, these babies usually die at birth but when they survive they grow up to be formidable #vampirehunters. As some of you know, I am getting ready to produce my first actual #indiefilm so my research has led me back to an audio book I narrated recently that talked about them.

The last alleged account of a vampire #exorcism by a dhampir was in 1958 Kosovo… however all of the books that talk about this only mention it as if they are just repeating each other like some weird form of #fakenews. I think I have managed to discover what the source of this story is. I will be trying to find that. If I find it, I will let you know!

Nothing Romantic

Yep, I’ve been busy. Quietly so when it comes to this blog, as per usual. I’ve been to set at least once, auditioned… and released (finally) the audio version of my post popular book: There’s Nothing About Washing the Dishes. I had talked about it on my Instagram if you’re curious.

I also put out through CD Baby two songs I’ve been sitting on. I don’t feel they’re very good, but also figured what the heck so out they are. And while poking around in CD Baby today I noticed their widget feature.

So I made a widget. I’m putting it in the side bar on this blog. Enjoy or hate the songs: whatever.