Webcomic Review – Model Student

Let’s talk about a brandnew webcomic on the scene: Model Student.

Well, it probably isn’t that new. On page one, the artist talked about how thrilled he was to be drawing Model Student “again”. And of right now there are only five pages up for your enjoyment, but what pages they are.

The conflict is right there by page one, and our student’s story hasn’t even unfolded yet. The style is thick and in your face, the colors are bold. And yes – I’ve bookmarked the sucker for future visits.

Here’s a sample of the art:

If you’re curious about this new kid in school (and on the block) visit at: http://www.modelstudentcomic.com/

Death left the Cyphacon!

Cyphacon is over, but we had a good time! The Bedlam Bards were there – great music, and Firefly fans as well – as well as reps for Autism awareness, the D20 girls, awesome stuff, and of course my brawny neighbors! We sang, we didn’t dance, and then it was over and we were sad.

Here are two more podcasts for the wonderful weekend!

Larry Nemececk talks about his documentary about the Con of Wrath which happened in Houston in 1982. Star Trek drama!

I started out watching the Bedlam Bards but it was more important for the moment to talk about autism awareness. We all need to be aware of autism.

And then we go back to the Bedlam Bards. :=)