Update from Boredom

Personal projects update because I’m bored. I will probably cross post this.
#akashik is going very fast right now. I guess my skillz got that honed. What used to take me days now takes me hours. Wish my computer could keep up!

#theheavenlybride will be resuming progress when I take a break from Akashik, which is soon.

#moheganlanguage project slowed down a bit because of life. I’m not narrating any books right now, though, so work on it is trying to pick up. But I hit a snag with my equipment, and contacting various people who are supposed to be in the know for help got crickets or (sighs) pitches for me to spend money on new software I’d have to spend years learning all over again to resume where I left off. Having to think outside of the box on this one but am working on it.

Sames goes for the #musicvideo I’ve been working on, which is shaping up nicely despite that I might add.

#acting is as it is. I have some things coming up, some self tapes to do, and a reel to make. And books to audition for when one catches my attention but as you know, I’m picky.

#music is as it is, too. I’ve been working on a good recording of Valentine (Metronome) for a while, but like with O Death the sound is being jerkish. I hear one thing. I can’t articulate it type deal. One thing at a time.

And yes, I do get all of this worked on in a week. I have a schedule that keeps me from being bored and burned out.

PLUS I have time to watch Agents of Shield religiously. Do not mess with me. I used to be a purchasing secretary.