Chewing the Log

The past few days have been very productive ones for Akashik. Much artwork has been achieved. Today, much outlining and plot planning has been achieved. I think my brain is melting.

Still working to try to rehome the dogs. The main perpetrator went to the vet to get his shots up to date and came back diagnosed with heartworms. Well, we’d been dealing with hard times for a long time and couldn’t afford the meds so it comes as no surprise. We at least know what to do about that while we work to get things together. People keep asking if Hoshi is available for adoption but no one wants to go through the healing motions with him. Probably for the best.

I have an operation in a week or two. It’s the final operation to the drahmah that pushed farther into the financial mess we’re in. I’m told when it’s over I’ll be like my old self again. Ha. If they only knew. I’ll settle for being well enough to finish my storytelling, maybe be able to be physically active again (I’m fat but I still love being active). Do the things I love doing again. Finish learning a language. That sort of thing.

But in the meantime I have my acting class, and the things I am doing locally. This year if I’m lucky I’m going to get to help out with a puppet movie. I don’t know to what extent yet.

Maybe I’ll go practice music now. Filk a little.