Expanding my freelancing nets

I’ve been #narrating #audiobooks at #acx for a little while now, and recently I’ve felt like maybe I’m good enough to expand my nets a little. Obviously I’m not self-centered enough to think I can do it all, but narrating an audiobook I’m comfortable with.

So I opened a gig at fiverr.com – which those that actually know fiverr exists (I was surprised to learn today that this is not always the case) think it means you only get $5 for your hard work. This isn’t true. My gig options START at $5. The more words you need, the more the cost of the gig as is only proper.

I’ve spent three days to set it up so that things are priced affordably and yet I’m getting a fair amount as a beginner.

And now I wait to see if the work comes.

If you’re curious, the gig is here: https://www.fiverr.com/spearcarrier/record-edit-and-master-your-nonfiction-book-for-acx?fbclid=IwAR0yQvJXtL_07nMPFLS8nf9OdV7KV6QJ8CGHEO6gc02YPmPjyhkttLbhFv0