I’ve set the music practice largely aside for the moment, because I am doing some other creative things. To be precise, I’m producing two audiobooks at the same time. One is about intermittent fasting. The other is about ghosts. It’s a lot of work, so I don’t feel guilty – although I do wish I were on set at the moment.

I’ve also doubled down on getting Akashik done while I can. I wanted to have Chapter One finished by now, but things are as they are. I do have updates at the website scheduled in advance (http://www.akashikonline.com) but I’d be happier if I could get the chapter done. Then I shall offer it for sale, and perhaps sales will help pay for the website. Maybe.

Sometimes a panel in Akashik comes out looking so nice, I end up taking that opportunity to make something else out of it. Something that goes along with the comic. Today I was so happy with a panel, I’ve decided to make a desktop #wallpaper out of it.

I tend to give the wallpapers away for free, sort of. Depending on what’s going on, they either start out as a reward for voting the webcomic up in the polls or carefully placed in the Hammerspace (which no one seems to visit) to be downloaded for free.

Either way I’m pleased with the artwork.