Acting Alright

I just (hopefully) wrapped up my first audiobook last night. Now it’s a wait – did I do a good job? Will it pass quality control?

I had promised the house out loud that I would wait a few days before looking for a new audiobook, because when I’m recording the poor roommate feels like she has to sit very still in her room. (Really all she needs to do is not slam doors, but getting her to understand that has been impossible.) So I made this promise with this plan: audiobook, then a break while I practice my autoharp and maybe record another song… look for a live acting gig perhaps… and then… another audiobook. You know, pacing the narration.

But the problem is I’m someone that likes to read. I used to be quite the bookworm – or course now with real life I’m more of a book admirer from afar. But the love is still there.  And what was really nice is that my past experience as a bookworm made narrating easy…. My biggest hang ups involved technical difficulties. Once I started to get the hang of that, I was done before I knew it. Amazing.

But still. Pacing.

And this means I went, I looked at what was needing a narrator, I found another book I really wanted to read.  So I auditioned.

But getting the job is a slim chance, and I know it. I’m also schmott: it’s not a thick book. I’ll be able to pace things better. Plus, the last book was a learning experience and a half. It won’t get in the way.  I was careful of that before auditioning. And the good thing about having a former commo hubby? If I managed to get a live acting gig that expects I should travel, he’ll whip things together and the work goes with me.

In the meantime while floating around I found a Christian casting call for a movie being filmed not far from me.  I just sent off an email asking if they’d like me to audition. And yes, I’d rather be in the movie than narrate.

Now, when it comes to looking for live acting I tend to gravitate more and more towards the Christian productions. I prefer a clean and healthy environment. I love the idea of being in a production that doesn’t rely on shock factors and sex to make up for lack of plot. Some of the places I’ve acted in were not so clean and definitely not very healthy. I don’t need that sort of negativity in my life. I put my trust out that their production will not be that way.

I have no trouble stopping and saying a prayer to God more than once – I do it from time to time even in my old age. Been doing it since I was small. And where I must be honest and say I no longer regard myself as a Christian, I still hold many Christian and conservative values.  So overall I feel I shouldn’t have a problem onset.

Unless the Christians running things have a genuine problem with me for who I am. Which at that point, they should take a lesson from the Bible and make sure the glass on their houses isn’t cracked from the stones they’re slinging.

But truly with the elbows I’ve been rubbing lately I haven’t seen that. I’ve seen a lot of uplifting thoughts and just… overall… good feelings. I like those good feelings. I go to bed smiling because my environment has managed to find a place with good feelings.

I hope I get to audition. If these people are wholesome, I hope I get a part!  What I lack in film experience I make up in dedication.

Keep moving forward, as they said in that movie wot I liked.


It had frogs. Kopayáhsak. I like frogs.