A conversation earlier today has had me thinking for hours. The postulation from the other side was that no one needed the internet to live and never used it for anything other than entertainment. When I raised my hand and pointed out that the internet was my portal to making a living, I was told that where there may be people like me, we were an exception to the norm.

So now I should like to list to you how the internet is a necessity for most folks in the U.S. of A, including millennials. It hopefully will show people that more than just a few exceptions are using the internet in a very critical manner in this day and age. This list is for general uses, in and out of the home…

1. The internet is required for job hunting in 90% of cases today if not 99%. Although there are temp agencies that will hook you up, for some jobs the temp agencies are not the go to method of job finding. The newspaper doesn’t list as many jobs as it used to, etc. etc. Just about all of the job markets are being listed on the internet increasingly.

2. The internet is increasingly becoming people’s “home office”. I use the internet to make a living. A lot of people that work with me use the internet to make a living. There are hundreds of thousands of people who use the internet – some of them millennials – either because they work for Marvel, DC or because they take help desk calls at home like some of the people my husband works with.

3. The internet is becoming the go-to source for help with homework, either for getting help with your math or finding the right information for that term paper. Colleges offer free internet because of this, however I can tell you from experience that this means long lines and usually not being able to access the internet for your own work. Home internet for the student no matter their grade level is becoming more and more of a must.

4. Speaking of homework, there are a growing number of people including millennials who use the internet to go to class. I’ve done it. The husband does it. A lot of other people do it. Either it’s because the class they need to graduate isn’t located near enough to them so they can go, or they’re stuck at home (like I was), convenience, or because an online class is the only class available. This is yet another one in which having the internet at home is nearly a firm must.

5. More and more places are directing people to go to the internet to balance their bank books and pay their bills.

So when someone says people do not need the internet and should stop whining about cost of living, which includes the internet, this is their reality check. Like it or not the internet has become a necessity, and it’s likely to become more and more of one as time goes by.

End of analysis.

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